Issue #12

Our first magazine of 2017 and a new era for So Young. Issue 12 brings us face to face with ‘The Scene’ as well as the exciting sounds from outside of the capital. Goat Girl grace our cover as we unlock their dissatisfaction with being labelled ‘leaders of scene’. Cabbage stumble in from Moseley near Manchester and we talk about Trump’s likely assassination amongst other things. Jason of Sleaford Mods talks to us about being an ageist target, whilst The Big Moon inform us of fans with lyric tattoos! Keep digging and you’ll find chats with Bristol noise makers LICE and we re-ignite our love for Neon Waltz with a conversation that brings John O’Groats a little closer to home. Who Are You? returns with another round of fresh sounds. Hear from Hotel Lux, And Yet It Moves and Yowl to name a few…

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