• Who Are You? Milk Disco
  • Listen: Dead Pretties return with massive single ‘Confidence’
  • Pieces of the Portland Music Scene

Who Are You? Milk Disco

16 Aug 2017

Within the pages of Issue 13 you’ll find a section dedicated to introducing the most exciting bands within the UK and abroad, a section that asks these bands to briefly introduce themselves and the music they make. This Introduction has a purpose, to set your mind, fingers and ears to work as you hunt down their sounds…. Read more »

Listen: Dead Pretties return with massive single ‘Confidence’

11 Aug 2017

It’s hard to believe that Dead Pretties are only now releasing their second single, the follow up to Social Experiment. One of the tightest, most ferocious, and most chaotic live bands to emerge from the so called South London scene, Confidence sees them abandon the woozy garage rock anthemia of their debut single for something… Read more »

Pieces of the Portland Music Scene

08 Aug 2017

Being thrown into Portland for a few days is like a beautiful whirlwind. It’s a city with a sturdy history of musical importance having nurtured the likes of Elliott Smith, The Shins and countless others. It sits surrounded by overwhelming greenery in a beautiful landscape, yet towards the centre a rich and gritty culture becomes… Read more »

In Photos: So Young Festival

07 Aug 2017

From August 2nd to August 4th, we took over The Old Blue Last with our good pals CLEAN. Across three nights, we invited thirteen of our fave bands to to a room thats far too small to play capacity crowds of legends. We announced our secret headliners at 9am each day and with the likes… Read more »

Interview: We chat to The Magic Gang at soggy Truck Festival

03 Aug 2017

So Young sat down with The Magic Gang ahead of their set at Truck 2017 to chat on-stage injuries, moonlighting as a wedding band and those free t-shirts. For those who attended (and those who lived vicariously through the mud-flecked social media updates), this year’s Truck festival will forever be synonymous with rain, more rain,… Read more »

Premiere: Palm Honey get dark with new one ‘Hot Simian Weather’

28 Jul 2017

Some time ago, Palm Honey stated that they weren’t “particularly interested in doing summery pop tunes anymore” and yes, we can confirm, they weren’t joking around. We knew these guys had a dark, experimental undercurrent to them, we just didn’t know how dark. ‘Hot Simian Weather’ is by far their sleaziest and most agitated piece… Read more »

Interview: We chat to Meatraffle about South London, 6Music and revolution.

13 Jul 2017

For a band so seemingly fixated on meshing the ridiculous with grim reality, the air of authenticity that surrounds Meatraffle is striking. Cutting through the pretension of the music industry with the harsh grace of a soldering iron running through butter, these original South London revolutionaries provide an antidote to the cynical, social climbing ambitions… Read more »

Premiere: Madonnatron give us the video to new track ‘Tron’

11 Jul 2017

Within press generated music scenes, there’s always a desire to ascribe a certain kind of magic to a group of bands, to give their very existence a kind of mysticism. The so-called “South London scene” is just that, and if one of those Brixton Windmill-frequenting bands were to possess a kind of otherworldly, quasi-spiritual power… Read more »

Premiere: The Death of Pop release video for new one ‘Breathing’ and announce UK tour!

04 Jul 2017

The Death of Pop are a London-based quartet, whose shimmering music is self described as ‘janglegaze’, a mixture of the chiming jangle-pop of The Smiths or the C-86 bands, and the hypnotic swirl of shoegaze. Their music sees the marriage of ethereal guitars, sun-kissed vocals, and lilting melody lines that wouldn’t be out of place… Read more »

First Listen: Baby Strange bring us brand new track ‘Young Team’

30 Jun 2017

Glasgow’s lineage of musicians, from The Pastels to Orange Juice, all seem to adhere to the same rulebook, boldly entitled, “speak your mind”. Perhaps it’s the certain hardened appearance of the city which directly influences their sound or the opinionated nature somewhat entrenched in its roots. Either way, Baby Strange make it clear that they… Read more »