• First Listen: Check Out Our Yassassin Photo Diary And Their New Single ‘Citizen’
  • Listen: Pip Blom releases new one ‘Pussycat’
  • Preview: We Can’t Wait For The Great Escape 2018

First Listen: Check Out Our Yassassin Photo Diary And Their New Single ‘Citizen’

15 May 2018

Powered by vicious chords and buoyed by a fervent sing-along chorus, the new single from London 5-piece Yassassin is a defiant call-to-arms, reaffirming their existence and predicting ‘the children gonna wake up’. The quintet navigate today’s charged climate with barbed riffs and keenly cast observations, like the younger sisters of Elastica’s Justine Frischmann. Following the… Read more »

Listen: Pip Blom releases new one ‘Pussycat’

11 May 2018

After her hugely successful tour with Sports Team and a string of festival dates including The Great Escape on the horizon, Dutch songwriter Pip Blom has released a brand new single in the form of the raucous ‘Pussycat’ as well as revealing details of her forthcoming EP ‘Paycheck’. The EP, released through Nice Swan Records,… Read more »

Preview: We Can’t Wait For The Great Escape 2018

10 May 2018

As we etch further into 2018 we come up to the most wonderful time of the year, no not Christmas, festival season; and with festival season comes the biggest and best new music festival in Europe, The Great Escape. The event held in Brighton sees a plethora of bands from all over the world convene… Read more »

First Listen: Permanent Creeps Release Peeping Drexels/Honkies Split Single

08 May 2018

If you’re familiar with London’s small venues, pubs and club nights, you’ll be familiar with the names Peeping Drexels and Honkies. Two bands who have been putting the ground work in playing support slots to hone their craft and build a fanbase ready to support their future releases. Today, via Permanent Creeps Records (a spin… Read more »

First Listen: Hull’s Lumer return with single ‘BURN/BLEED’

04 May 2018

The latest offering from Hull’s Lumer arrives in two parts; a spectral, harrowing anarcho-noise manifesto for an alternative future entitled BURN/BLEED. Boasting a vocal that seemingly represents some swamp-dwelling juggernaut summoned from the fog to tackle “power, corruption and lies”, its urgency is only amplified further by the fact that it arrives the day after polling… Read more »

Watch: Brighton four piece Egyptian Blue release video for ‘Paralyse’

03 May 2018

Formed in the dank commuter womb of Colchester, Essex, Egyptian Blue are a haunting hybrid of dark post-punk and trippy psychedelia, whilst the ever-present voice of disaffected youth in their songs, gives them an unmistakable punk energy. Fresh off of shows with Yowl and Catholic Action, as well as being plugged by new music veteran… Read more »

First Listen: Haze release scathing new single ‘Ladz Ladz Ladz’

27 Apr 2018

Though their name might imply a lack of clarity, Oxford’s Haze demonstrate focus in abundance on latest offering ‘Ladz Ladz Ladz’, released via Permanent Creeps on April 27th. Boiling hot but never spilling over, it’s that special brand of ramshackle post-punk that plucks thrills from the brink of collapse; raucous and dripping with irony, but never raucous… Read more »

Listen: Portsmouth five piece Hotel Lux release brutish new single ‘Daddy’

26 Apr 2018

Six months since the release of the brilliant, The Last Hangman, it feels grimly satisfying to be back in Hotel Lux territory. From the offset, the band have inhabited a world of personal unrest, ready to speak starkly and vehemently about anything that gathers enough pace in their mind, almost like it was their mission from… Read more »

Listen: Warmduscher punch you in the ear with new one ‘Standing On The Corner’

09 Apr 2018

South London oddballs, Warmduscher, are known for mixing abrasive garage rock with all sorts of sonic weirdness. Their new track, released on Friday, has the boys displaying their talent for picking up the idiosyncrasies of different genres, and molding them together to make for an epic punch in the ear. ‘Standing On The Corner’ opens with… Read more »

First Listen: Brixton’s Cagework release infectious new single ‘Simmer’

05 Apr 2018

The debut track from South London’s Cagework, ‘Simmer’, perfectly manages to bridge the gap between raucous and restrained – mournful vocals spill over cascading waves of spiky guitar, chugging bass spars with shuffling drums and a deft touch on feedback prevents it all from collapsing in on itself. Twisting hypnotic pop melodies into something artfully… Read more »