• Sleeves: Wesley Gonzalez
  • Watch: LICE release magazine parody video for ‘The Human Parasite’
  • Who Are You? an interview with IDLES

Sleeves: Wesley Gonzalez

15 Jun 2017

The resurgent re-arrival of vinyl upon our shelves is pleasing beyond the magic plastic disc. It means we can make that extra connection with the bands we have placed our faith in and investigate their minds. We may no longer be within a time where artwork dictates our purchases, but the art that accompanies our… Read more »

Watch: LICE release magazine parody video for ‘The Human Parasite’

15 Jun 2017

Bristol based band LICE have made a name for themselves over the past twelve months with their own brand of riotous depravity. A group not afraid to thrust guttural, misanthropic social commentaries out there for the masses to consume, their latest track and its accompanying video is one shuddering sigh of frustration and despair at… Read more »

Who Are You? an interview with IDLES

05 Jun 2017

Within the pages of Issue Twelve you’ll find a section dedicated to introducing the most exciting bands within the UK and abroad, a section that asks these bands to briefly introduce themselves and the music they make. This Introduction has a purpose, to set your mind, fingers and ears to work as you hunt down their… Read more »

So You’ve Registered to Vote? We speak to bands about the Snap Election

26 May 2017

So you’ve registered to vote, what now? A snap election has been placed upon us. You’re now expected to scroll through snap manifestos and promises you’re talking yourself into believing. The importance of young people voting is one that has been spoken of by many and by this point, those that intend to vote or… Read more »

Interview: We speak to Eat Fast as we build up towards the release of their new EP

15 May 2017

With a name that suggests they gobble their food, EAT FAST are also not stopping for breath as they tear out of the North East at a ferocious pace. The band were formed after frontman Adam Pearson and guitarist John Edgar returned home to Newcastle after a spell in Edinburgh, where Adam had been writing… Read more »

Interview: we chat to Hoops about their new record ‘Routines’

09 May 2017

On Range Life, Pavement sang of skating through the summer night, the suburbs stretched and ripe: “Out on my skateboard / The night is just hummin’ / And the gum smacks are the pulse / I’ll follow.” Though Hoops’ sound couldn’t be further removed from their Stockton predecessors’, it’s the same wide-eyed willingness to follow… Read more »

First Listen: Show Boy deliver their debut track ‘Young Gun’

09 May 2017

If you have a chat to the many bands about the flourishing ‘South London Scene’, the overriding conversation is diversity in the group. Shared stages, shared friends, shared influence but the outcome is expressed across every genre. Show Boy join that dynamic. FKA Jovis and the Bedwetters, Jovis Lane’s band of blusher baring party starters… Read more »

Review: FestEvol Gardens livens up Liverpool’s Bank Holiday Weekend

08 May 2017

It’s bank holiday Sunday and Liverpool’s Invisible Wind Factory has been dolled up to the eyeballs as FestEvol begins a 12 hour-long assault of the senses. The venue, in short, is simply astonishing. Grandiose yet unpretentious, it oozes the kind of DIY charm that sits so well with the nature of the festival. There’s three… Read more »

Live Review: HMLTD headline their biggest ever show at the Scala

05 May 2017

The most complete emerging arts project in the world today? HMLTD are a six piece group that aim to provide a multi-sensory assault, producing some of the most disjointed, invasive and unique pop music you’ll ever hear. Sonically, they’re a combination of anything and everything you could summon to your imagination; their last single To… Read more »

Track by Track: Bad Breeding talk us through their new album ‘Divide’

02 May 2017

Dissatisfied with local surroundings and disappointed with the world, Bad Breeding are one of the UK’s true punk voices. Born out of Stevenage and supported by full time jobs, the band have recently released their second record ‘Divide’. Since their debut we’ve had Brexit and Trump, common topics in our conversation but not upon our… Read more »