Illustration Competition Top 20: 10-1

We are on the lookout for the next great So Young illustrator to bring something new to our pages! We will now run quarterly Illustration competitions to coincide with each new issue of So Young culminating in several exhibitions at our new space in New Cross, London, where we can have a knees up to celebrate all your hard work. Judges from Magazines, Galleries and Agencies work with us to select our top 20! Here is the final ten of the countdown for our Issue Sixteen competition! 10-1…


10. King Krule by Sandy Wang

Sandy Wang kingkrule


9. The Vaccines (Combat Sports) by Rosie Vermeiren

Rosie Vermeiren the vaccines_6


8. The Smiths by Andrew Foley

Andrew Foley - The Smiths


7. Talking Heads by Clare Rosean

Clare Rosean_Talking Heads_Life during wartime RGB


6. B.B. King by Aina Fontich

Aina Fontich BB KING copy RGB


5. Talking Heads by Julia GR

Julia Gonzalez-Roy_TalkingHeads


4. David Byrne by Marie Watanabe



3. The Beatles by Bo Matteini

Roberto Blackmore beatlesrooftop


2. John Lennon by Nan Lee

Nan Lee - Imagine by John Lennon


1. Chuck Berry by Danny Miller

Danny Miller chuckberry_soyoung