Issue Eighteen Illustration Competition Finalists Countdown 10-1

We are on the lookout for the next great So Young illustrator to bring something new to our pages! We will now run a quarterly Illustration competition to coincide with each new issue of So Young culminating in several exhibitions London, where we can have a knees up to celebrate all your hard work. Judges from Magazines, Galleries and Agencies work with us to select our top 20! Here is the beginning of the countdown for our Issue Eighteen competition! 10-1…

10. Hinds by Gemma Fontanals Guxens

HINDS gemma fontanais

9. King Krule by Agate Lielpetere

king_krule_hellosorryno agate lielpetere

8. Johnny Rotten by Zachariah J. Stuef


7. Grace Jones by Alex Ram

Alex Ram - Grace Jones

6. Courtney Barnett by Tjasa Cizej

Tjaša Cizej-Courtney Barnett

5. Fat White Family by Andreea Dobrin Dinu/SUMMERKID Studio


4. Siouxsie Sioux by Nada Hayek


3. The Beatles by Jolanda Jokinen

BeatlesJolanda Jokinen

2. Grace Jones by Anna Sarvira

Grace Jones

1. The Beatles by Antonio Giovanni Pinna

Antonio Giovanni Pinna The Beatles