Watch: A. Swayze & The Ghosts Release ‘Mess of Me’ Via Ivy League

There’s much to be said but not a lotta chat about environmental influence. ‘Mess Of Me’ is “not the conventional heirloom, but the type of negative trait you may learn as a child voyeur of your surroundings.”  

Like the opening-credits to school breaking up for summer, this track introduces a new perspective to our passively-granted daily cycles. Beelining outta’ our seats, headphones in and laces undone, we take a sharp left turn past surface-level encouragement and into the principally existential, wide old corridors of youth and routinely submissive admission. 

Lyrically, A. Swayze & The Ghosts are agelessly balmed by underlying tones of chorus-crisp satisfaction. Spritzing out layered exhalation crafted with hooky-vogue to compliment even the most subtly toxic of familial lingering’s, yes, “It’s so bad” but at least we’re not in denial.

Not holding back but rather pluck-propelling straightforwardly, there’s an air of consistent acceptance that rings universally here to the kids trying to find their way in the world, turning into adults still navigating.  

You’ve gotta’ have a “woo” break just to keep the levels rollin’ and Mess Of Me has the whole-heartedly captured the balance.

Header Photo by Rick Clifford