Listen: All Things Blue share new single ‘White Lady Dogs’

Let us park banal chats of warm weather and sweaty bits for just a second to instead allow for a serene moment of appreciation for the last slurps of the summer months before they are mercilessly taken away and replaced with bleak and unknown times.

With that said, new track ‘White Lady Dogs’ from the Californian five-piece All Things Blue sends glistening sun beams deep into the feel-good receptors. There is a battle of sorts between the unapologetically tenacious vocals of India Coombs that bathe amid the psychedelic undercurrent, dancing daintily between the high wires of garage punk and the alt pop goodness of it all. Lined up next to their previous releases, this track appears to be the cooler, older sibling that needs not strive for much in ways of grandeur, but still achieves plenty with minimal graft. Taking a long, hard look straight into the twitching eyes of responsibility before cackling jovially and turning on its heels to bounce off into the sunset.