Preview: An Artist Guide to Truck Festival from The Vaccines, English Teacher, Swim Deep & more.

The paths of Hill Farm are well trodden by us at So Young, watching our favourite new bands grace the stages of Truck Festival has become somewhat of a pastime.

In a bid to prove its not just us that thinks there’s plenty to be looking forward to on site this weekend, we’ve asked some So Young faves to pick their faves and walk you through who you should be dropping everything to see. Here’s are your tips for Truck Festival from The Vaccines, English Teacher,  Swim Deep, HighSchool and Opus Kink.

Hey The Vaccines, who should everyone catch at this year’s Truck?

Wunderhorse are on our day and I haven’t seen them play yet. I heard ‘Teal’ a few months ago and had to Shazam it. I couldn’t believe it was a new British rock band. It’s so good. It’s a modern classic already!

I love The Beths. We won’t be there when they play, but everybody else should go check them out. ‘Expert In A Dying Field’ is an amazing song. They’re from New Zealand and they’re great. I don’t know how to describe them but I guess that’s not my job – I’m just supposed to tell you to go watch them and make up your own mind!

Maisie Peters plays my favourite kind of pop music. It’s so melodic and fun and positive – even if the message is often more nuanced. I think she’s one of the best young pop writers we have in England at the moment, and I often find myself listening to her music, very impressed by her songwriting. I love artists that have the ability to build communities around the music too, and she seems to be doing that really well.

Great to chat again, English Teacher. Who are you recommending from the Truck lineup this year?

Sprints are a garage-punk outfit from Ireland and I can’t tell you how much we love this band. I’ve lost count how many times we’ve seen them now yet they’re shows always seem to amaze us. Their energy on stage is intoxicating, there’ll be sweat dripping from places you never knew existed. Their latest single ‘Adore Adore Adore’, produced by Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox, would be an excellent introduction. 

Suds are a four piece from Norwich who put themselves between early American Folk and Midwestern Emo. I discovered this band whilst going through the line up and I can’t get their song ‘Entropy’ out of my head, it’s so infectious (in a good way, obviously). Their bio likens them to Alvvays which is a perfect comparison, they feel nostalgic yet incredibly fresh.

Nukuluk are a South London based experimental hip-hop collective and I’ve not heard anything like them before, which can only be a good thing. I’ve yet to see them live but they’re song ‘Disaster Pop Song’ has been in my playlist for a long while now. The production on their songs is beautifully chaotic, but you just know the decisions behind every sound have been meticulously thought out. I love it.  

Hi there Swim Deep, tips for Truck please?

Wunderhorse blew my tiny little pea head at Glastonbury this year. I’ve always had an eye on Jacob since I saw him play some songs that sounded like they could be on The O.C. soundtrack in a tiny cafe in like 2018, his voice is as honest as a mirror and sounds like it’s lived a few lives over. And the songs are gorgeous swirls that often escalate into swirling fits of welcomed rage. I love hearing 3 guitars and a drum kit and how sparse and raw that sounds in a modern landscape of uber-produced live music.

overpass are a wicked band from Brum who supported us on tour recently. They have some steam trains of songs, and without getting too ahead of myself (and ruining his very humble and modest demeanor) the lead singer has a kinda young Springsteen air about him, and a show stopping voice. Go see ’em.  

China Bears are my cousin’s, cousin’s, boyfriend’s band. I haven’t actually heard them live before but my uncle Paul (who once bouncered a Bob Marley show) said they’re great, so take a punt on Paul’s word and go see them. 

Highschool, who are you sticking around for?

I’m most excited to see Wunderhorse. We played with them at our first ever show, they were super impressive live and the loveliest people. Also looking forward to Kate Nash, ‘Made Of Bricks’ was the soundtrack to my teenage years.

Opus Kink, which Truck Festival artist are you excited for?

I reckon we’re looking forward to Self Esteem – haven’t seen the show yet and it comes highly recommended by a worryingly wide variety of people. 

Also Nukuluk and Lambrini Girls, two very different but equally fun live acts to gawp at that we’ve gawped at before. Usually just drifting off into the mist and finding something that wasn’t on your agenda is the best way, as long as it’s not Royal Blood or anything like that. Hallelujah! 

Truck Festival takes place on 20th-23rd July at Hill Farm, Oxfordshire. We’ll be taking over the Market Stage for the weekend. Check out our preview of the festival here.

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