Watch: Arizona’s Glixen Share Video for ‘Moodswing’

Bursting out of Arizona, in a dry ice cloud of swirling guitars and haunting, rising vocal, Glixen is a talent you have to take note of. The stage name of Aislinn Ritchie, they have been making waves inside their home state and far outside. The fuse was lit with her debut release, ‘Sugarcube’ and now comes the follow up: the haunting and ethereal, ‘Moodswing’ accompanied by their first music video.

Discussing the new tune, Aislinn describes the track as them “finding their own little world”. You can feel this in every note of the song – you’re invited into a world that you’ve never felt before. Glixen have created a place of flooding fog and chaos. You’re clambering through the forest looking for safety. You’re manically rearranging your mind to find peace. You’re exploring a new terrain blindfolded. You’re dancing in the dark as the sopranos lift you higher. 

Whatever you’re up to, you’re in Glixen’s world now.

The video itself builds on this atmosphere expertly. It creates the impression you’re chasing after Aislinn as she rushes through this world of her own creation. Rarely do music videos add to the impact of the song so directly. The sonic fuzz and delicate sopranos building on the fantasy-tinged visuals to fuel your imagination further.

The release is a real statement of intent ahead of the debut EP at some point in the year. It’s a tantalising taste of the potential soon to be unleashed on to the world

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