Listen: Australia’s dust Share New Single ‘TRUST U SEE’

Australian alternative band, dust return with their latest single ‘TRUST U SEE’, an intriguing and constantly moving explosion of Aussie rock. 

Elements of punk are blended with experimentations of the saxophone, resulting in an exploration of jazz that expertly fits into the band’s DIY sound. dust have been playing the new track live for some time, and on the process of recording ‘TRUST U SEE’ they stated “we were able to have a new outlook on recording and experimentation. It was our first time recording properly in a studio and we were able to be very hands-on and take time in post production to get the song to express what we wanted”. This resulted in an impressive mix of sonic textures, creating a truly unique sound that will leave listeners asking for more. 

‘TRUST U SEE’ is a dynamic re-introduction to dust before they head over to Europe, touring with Interpol, cementing their place as a rock band that must be seen live while you have the chance.

Photo by Nikola Jokanovic

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