Articles by: Alex Mills

by 22 Jan 2021

Listen: Anorak Patch Share New Single ‘Irate’ via Nice Swan Records

Since the dawn of ‘coming-of-age’, humanity has had a  fascination with growing-up. We indulge in it, allow it to fill our heads with rumours of greater, more pertinent things to come and then bang, the band’s been snapped and Ferris…

by 19 Jan 2021

Listen: Nottingham’s Blood Wizard Share ‘Carcrash’ via Moshi Moshi

Nottingham’s Blood Wizard (Cai Burns of Kagoule) shares ‘Carcrash’ ahead of his Moshi Moshi released debut album, ‘Western Spaghetti’- out March 5th. In a pre-pandemic world of Tenerife and blissful banana-field’s, ‘Carcrash’ dips between narrative influences like a Wes Anderson…

by 15 Jan 2021

Listen: London’s Sorority Share New Single ‘Love Is The Drug’

Sorority, the brotherly production duo of Max and Elliott Batten release their single ‘Love Is The Drug’ via Full Power Records. “Space-Jam” is where it’s at and Sorority, are a great big dimple in the crater of our tightly-packed stratosphere….

by 12 Jan 2021

Listen: Bristol Duo Robbie & Mona Share New Single ‘Queen Celine’

Bristol glitch-pop duo Robbie & Mona unveil ‘Queen Celine’- their latest single released via Spinny Nights. Nightmarishly twitching like the red-eye aftermath of a spiritual seizure brought on by an overdose of ‘Daisies’ and manic synth-séances, Robbie & Mona are…

by 12 Jan 2021

Listen: Sleaford Mods Release ‘Nudge It’ Ft. Amyl and the Sniffers’ Amy Taylor

“Reduced circumstance isn’t a pantomime. If you haven’t lived within its confines don’t use it to enamour your ideas.” – Jason Williamson, Sleaford Mods. A year into the new decade and we’re psyching ourselves up for the long road to…

by 18 Dec 2020

Listen: London’s Saint Jude covers Glows’ ‘Molina’ via Slow Dance Records

“I always lived by railroads. I would find places to just look at the horizon and I always expected there was something somewhere else. And sometimes I think that’s more a metaphysical somewhere else… rather than just to get out…

by 08 Dec 2020

Listen: Oracle Sisters Croon the Autumn Blues with New Single ‘The Dandelion’

Many moons ago, the world was graced by a magical high-socialite called Mathilde Willink. A bohemian dreamer and decade of ‘Swing’ signatory, Mathilde Willink wore gowns stitched out of Feng Long’s imagination and painted the streets of Amsterdam, in swashes…

by 08 Dec 2020

Listen: The Romance of Baba Loco share ‘The Winged Thing on the Shoulder of the Lama’

What does a Master do when forced to set fire to their invitation to the ‘Gran Café de Paris’ so as to stay funky in the height of a dystopian-solstice? “Must I evolve? Must I change? Must I develop?” –…

by 04 Dec 2020

Listen: East London’s Nuha Ruby Ra shares new single ‘Sparky’

“Squirming with ease” with a Terry Gilliam style fuck-off and a general indifference towards orgasmic orientation, ‘Sparky’, the second single from Nuha Ruby Ra’s upcoming debut EP ‘How To Move’, is a d’esprit de-facto for our outspokenly disenfranchised, appetence craving…