Articles by: Alex Mills

by 15 Jan 2021

Listen: London’s Sorority Share New Single ‘Love Is The Drug’

Sorority, the brotherly production duo of Max and Elliott Batten release their single ‘Love Is The Drug’ via Full Power Records. “Space-Jam” is where it’s at and Sorority, are a great big dimple in the crater of our tightly-packed stratosphere….

by 12 Jan 2021

Listen: Bristol Duo Robbie & Mona Share New Single ‘Queen Celine’

Bristol glitch-pop duo Robbie & Mona unveil ‘Queen Celine’- their latest single released via Spinny Nights. Nightmarishly twitching like the red-eye aftermath of a spiritual seizure brought on by an overdose of ‘Daisies’ and manic synth-séances, Robbie & Mona are…

by 12 Jan 2021

Listen: Sleaford Mods Release ‘Nudge It’ Ft. Amyl and the Sniffers’ Amy Taylor

“Reduced circumstance isn’t a pantomime. If you haven’t lived within its confines don’t use it to enamour your ideas.” – Jason Williamson, Sleaford Mods. A year into the new decade and we’re psyching ourselves up for the long road to…

by 18 Dec 2020

Listen: London’s Saint Jude covers Glows’ ‘Molina’ via Slow Dance Records

“I always lived by railroads. I would find places to just look at the horizon and I always expected there was something somewhere else. And sometimes I think that’s more a metaphysical somewhere else… rather than just to get out…

by 08 Dec 2020

Listen: Oracle Sisters Croon the Autumn Blues with New Single ‘The Dandelion’

Many moons ago, the world was graced by a magical high-socialite called Mathilde Willink. A bohemian dreamer and decade of ‘Swing’ signatory, Mathilde Willink wore gowns stitched out of Feng Long’s imagination and painted the streets of Amsterdam, in swashes…

by 08 Dec 2020

Listen: The Romance of Baba Loco share ‘The Winged Thing on the Shoulder of the Lama’

What does a Master do when forced to set fire to their invitation to the ‘Gran Café de Paris’ so as to stay funky in the height of a dystopian-solstice? “Must I evolve? Must I change? Must I develop?” –…

by 04 Dec 2020

Listen: East London’s Nuha Ruby Ra shares new single ‘Sparky’

“Squirming with ease” with a Terry Gilliam style fuck-off and a general indifference towards orgasmic orientation, ‘Sparky’, the second single from Nuha Ruby Ra’s upcoming debut EP ‘How To Move’, is a d’esprit de-facto for our outspokenly disenfranchised, appetence craving…

by 20 Nov 2020

Listen: Mandrake Handshake Share New Single ‘Gonkulator’ via Nice Swan Records

There are many benefits to showering with Eucalyptus. Tying a freshly cut sprig of this fast-growing evergreen to your shower-head awakens the mind, stimulates the senses and alleviates listless funk. Folk who know best state that just two-minutes spent inside…

by 18 Nov 2020

Listen: London’s Heartworms share new single ‘What Can I Do’ via Permanent Creeps Records

Lose yourself in the magical realism of London’s Heartworms as they release their debut single ‘What Can I Do’ via Permanent Creeps Records.  Eschewing the ordinary with acerbically-diffused tales of fragrant potency and with a Savage Gary partnership already within…