Articles by: Alex Mills

by 08 Oct 2020

Listen: Gustaf share debut single ‘Mine’ via Royal Mountain Records

Somewhere in a not-so-alternate universe, a ‘white vest and tasselled-belt’ kinda woman sits in the corner of her favoured Bodega and soaks up the New York City prospects. Passing her time offering folk newspaper cuttings instead of eyes in a…

by 02 Oct 2020

Review: Legss – ‘Doomswayers’ EP

Swans, for all their worth, are symbolically worth much more. Combining the elemental virtues of air and water, they embody beauty and sanctity despite having attitudinal issues and ugly babies. The Danes value their metaphorical inspirations, the Queen of England…

by 30 Sep 2020

Review: Walt Disco – ‘Young, Hard & Handsome’ EP

Seminal icon Marcel Proust acknowledged that “remembrance of things past, is not necessarily a remembrance of things as they were”. Paying homage to an era gone by is only worth half your time if to be a sub-cultural conservationist, one…

by 16 Sep 2020

Listen: Multiples share new single ‘Quiet Room’

There’s a place we all go to at the end of a daily contemplation cycle.  Filing musings in special boxes for safe-keeping and a retractable-absent-mind, when night buses have all the premise required for meditative idling, and with the last…

by 15 Sep 2020

Listen: Ethan P. Flynn washes ashore with ‘What You Do To Me’

“He longs for a simpler life but the wheels have been set in motion” – Ethan P. Flynn.  Caught between two well-worn practises, we’re all living through a global unifier of attempted accomplishments in an isolated period of progressive efforts….

by 09 Sep 2020

Listen: PREGOBLIN welcome you into the capitalistic wild west of ‘Gangsters’

There’s a humanly passive fascination with lawlessness. Dreaming of social middle-ground whilst avoiding the subject matter to hand, we live in a no-man’s land of harmonious class; a nation where Cowboys and Vape-Wrangler’s roam over the glassy-eyed disillusions of societal…

by 04 Sep 2020

Listen: NewDad share new single ‘Blue’

We’re fast falling into the season of wanderlust. Layering up on warmth and packing bags to roam free in daydreams of hands drifting out of car windows to the pulse of the valley below- nature calls out to charm comfort…

by 03 Sep 2020

Watch: Hotel Lux share wistful new video for ‘Ballad Of You & I’

To come-of-age in a generation of age-old ideals is as timeless as it is fleeting. There’s a collective cynicism in being young, whilst paving the way forward in life yet seeking humour via tried-and-tested practises, Hotel Lux release the video…

by 01 Sep 2020

Listen: Connie Constance shares video for single ‘James’

We need to talk about the link between Connie Constance and complete and utter joy. When it all feels a bit too hectic and you’re lying in bed counting sheep that look like ex’s, ‘James’, in all its “self-destructive rampage”…