Articles by: Alex Mills

by 22 Jun 2021

Listen: Brooklyn’s Geese Share Debut Single ‘Disco’ via Partisan Records

In just over six minutes, ‘Disco’ thwarts all expectations before you’re even given the opportunity to form any.

by 22 Jun 2021

Listen: Margot Share New Single ‘Fame’ via Full Time Hobby

Dreamscape quintet Margot share ‘Fame’: a timeless tale of rose-tinted idolism, released via Full Time Hobby.

by 08 Jun 2021

Listen: Modern Woman Share Debut Single ‘Offerings’ via End of the Road Records

Modern Woman are an unquestionably contemporary, subcultural godsend. 

by 27 May 2021

Listen: Lime Garden Share New Single ‘Sick & Tired’

Brighton’s genre-bending quartet, Lime Garden, sign to So Young Records and share their latest offering ‘Sick & Tired’.  Following on from the success of their exhilarating-disco anthem ‘Fever’, Lime Garden take a wistful stumble towards melancholia in ‘Sick & Tired’;…

by 30 Apr 2021

Listen: Darling Darling Share Debut Single ‘Paint It Sister’ via Honeymooner Records

Darling Darling share debut single ‘Paint It Sister’ via Southampton’s Honeymooner Records.

by 27 Apr 2021

Listen: Folly Group Share New Single ‘Sand Fight’ and Announce Debut EP

London based collective Folly Group share new single ‘Sand Fight’ ahead of their debut EP ‘Awake And Hungry’- due for physical release June 11th via So Young Records.

by 21 Apr 2021

Listen: The Goa Express Share Anthemic Joyride ‘Second Time’

Manchester’s The Goa Express release ‘Second Time’, with video accompaniment, via Ra-Ra Rock. 

by 16 Apr 2021

Listen: Peeping Drexels Share New Single ‘Miami Lounge’

Peeping Drexels share ‘Miami Lounge’, the second single from their upcoming EP ‘Bad Time’, due May 14th via Brace Yourself Records.  Peeping Drexels have long been some of the underground’s top curators of bedraggled slink, but with ‘Miami Lounge’, the…

by 15 Apr 2021

Listen: Chubby and the Gang Share New Track ‘Lightning Don’t Strike Twice’

London based punk quintet Chubby and the Gang, share ‘Lightning Don’t Strike Twice’ off of their forthcoming double A-side out May 28th, via Partisan Records.  When attempting to evade a short-circuit in a system that sets a soul up for…