Articles by: Alicia Tomkinson

by 30 Jun 2023

Listen: Irish Trio Adore Share Debut Single ‘Postcards’ via Blowtorch

Galway’s trailblazing garage-punk trio come to life with their debut single ‘Postcards’. Drawing inspiration from path layers like Breeders and Undertones, Adore turn heavy riffs and fast-paced guitars into contemporary fashion with angsty-yet-innocent vocals from Lara Minchin. Casting themselves into…

by 27 Jun 2023

Listen: Ethan P. Flynn Announces Debut Album ‘Abandon All Hope’ and Shares Title Track

What starts on a short, dangerous-sounding note, similar to the opening credits of a horror movie, swiftly explodes into a happy chappy melody, as Ethan P. Flynn boasts rhyming couplets and catchy guitar strings on his album title track, ‘Abandon…

by 30 May 2023

Listen: Glasgow’s Humour Return With New Single ‘The Halfwit’

“I decided to write a song about a guy who takes himself off to some far-away place and gradually transforms into something less than human”

by 19 May 2023

Review: Seaside Chaos – The Great Escape 2023

Here’s what we got upto in Brighton for TGE 2023.

by 04 May 2023

Preview: The Great Escape 2023

The sun is starting to shine and Brighton’s ready to get brighter for the welcome of The Great Escape 2023.

by 03 May 2023

Listen: Chicago’s Lifeguard Share New Single ’17-18 Lovesong’ via Matador

Chicago’s defying trio, Lifeguard, share their latest track, seemingly inspired by broken relationships and deep self-reflection.

by 21 Apr 2023

Listen: White Devil Disco Share New Single ‘Red’ via Dash the Henge

Enter at your own risk with South London’s dark yet mysterious enigma, White Devil Disco, as they reveal their latest sleaze-filled track. If you’re on the hunt for something to sink your teeth into or a rhythm that makes you…

by 14 Apr 2023

Listen: The Goa Express Share New Single ‘Good Luck Charm’

A musical cocktail of feel-good frenzies.

by 13 Apr 2023

Review: Sam Akpro Explores the Dark and the Hopeful on New EP ‘Arrival’

Sam Akpro returns with a four-track EP filled with perfectly natural experimentation that carves out a new era in his music.