Articles by: Alicia Tomkinson

by 21 Apr 2023

Listen: White Devil Disco Share New Single ‘Red’ via Dash the Henge

Enter at your own risk with South London’s dark yet mysterious enigma, White Devil Disco, as they reveal their latest sleaze-filled track. If you’re on the hunt for something to sink your teeth into or a rhythm that makes you…

by 14 Apr 2023

Listen: The Goa Express Share New Single ‘Good Luck Charm’

A musical cocktail of feel-good frenzies.

by 13 Apr 2023

Review: Sam Akpro Explores the Dark and the Hopeful on New EP ‘Arrival’

Sam Akpro returns with a four-track EP filled with perfectly natural experimentation that carves out a new era in his music.

by 31 Mar 2023

Listen: J Mahon Releases New Single ‘Pet Cemetery’

Exploring the barriers between age and youth makes for a uniquely relatable feeling and an honest discussion about appreciating what’s right in front of you. 

by 27 Mar 2023

Listen: South London’s piglet Releases New Single ‘building site outside’

Irish-born piglet returns with a tug on the heartstrings as this latest track dances around beautifully sad lyrics and an outpour of personal, honest, experiences. 

by 07 Mar 2023

Listen: London Quartet Legss Return with New Single ‘The Landlord’

If you’ve ever doubted whether you ‘work to live’ or ‘live to work’, then Legss’ new track ‘The Landlord’ might open your eyes.

by 28 Feb 2023

Listen: Whitelands Share New Single ‘Setting Sun’ via Sonic Cathedral

Whitelands Share New Single ‘Setting Sun’ via Sonic Cathedral. Combining the sadness from George Floyd’s murder with the anger of the ensuing reactions that followed, Whitelands take on a lyrically heavier tune for the band’s second hit with Sonic Cathedral….

by 27 Feb 2023

Listen: Bedford’s Dog Race share new single ‘There’s A Mouse In My House’

Dog Race capture the feeling of being stalked and lurked upon within your own comforts.

by 22 Feb 2023

Listen: Manchester’s cruush Share New Single ‘Stick in the Mud’ and Announce Debut EP

The new single ‘Stick In The Mud’ explores topics dealing with loneliness, complacency, and the constant feeling of being stuck in a rut…