Articles by: Amber Lashley

by 18 Jul 2023

Listen: Slowdive Share ‘skin in the game’ from Upcoming Album ‘everything is alive’

Slowdive have mastered their own language, and now it’s time for them to flex their fluency.

by 30 Jun 2023

Listen: Hastings Three-Piece Borough Council Share Debut Single ‘Prescribed’

Hot off the press, Hastings-based three piece Borough Council have put out their first single – ‘Prescribed’ – via Bath House Records. After years of playing across different projects and with their local live reputation solidly in place, brothers Haydn…

by 26 Apr 2023

Listen: London’s Stepbrother Share New Single ‘Hillstart’

‘Hillstart’s premise follows the rollbacks and stalls of a relationship on the ropes.

by 26 Apr 2023

Listen: Grian Chatten Shares Debut Solo Track ‘The Score’

‘The Score’ seemingly captures a moment of disenchantment with no pressure to uncover a solution.

by 06 Apr 2023

Listen: bdrmm Share New Single ‘Be Careful’ from Upcoming Second Album ‘I Don’t Know’

‘Be Careful’ manages to explore a solemn and reflective sincerity without a bleak overshadow.

by 22 Feb 2023

Listen: Miss Tiny Share Debut Single ‘The Sound’ via Speedy Wunderground

Miss Tiny have quite literally revealed themselves to us mid-journey – they were already here, we’ve only just got on the train.

by 14 Feb 2023

Listen: Manchester’s Nightbus Share Debut Single ‘Way Past Three’

Not allowing itself to be boxed in, the single is one that could easily be heard at both the party and the afters.

by 24 Jan 2023

Listen: English Teacher Share Speedy Wunderground Single ‘Song About Love’

English Teacher tap into the nuances of intimacy and desire in the ordinary day-to-day.

by 19 Jan 2023

Listen: London’s Malady Share ‘Pressure Builds’ from Upcoming Debut EP ‘All Pressure, No Diamonds’

Directly reflecting adolescence in the 21st century, Malady’s newest work boasts comfort in relatability – all pressure, no diamonds indeed.