Articles by: Amber Lashley

by 18 Aug 2022

Listen: Gilla Band Share Latest Single ‘Backwash’

Gilla Band have shared their latest rowdy single ‘Backwash’, in preparation for their upcoming album: Most Normal. Due for release on October 7th, via Rough Trade Records. Aiming for their upcoming album to loosely “sound like a dream”, vocalist Dara Kiely…

by 09 Aug 2022

Listen: CIVIL PARTNERSHIP Release New Single ‘Saltaire’

A step away from the sound introduced by previous tracks, ‘Saltaire’ brings a tenderness to CIVIL PARTNERSHIP. In every sense conveying an emotional vulnerability. ‘Saltaire’ is relentless and entrancing and proves that at their core, CIVIL PARTNERSHIP are storytellers. Its…

by 02 Aug 2022

Listen: Gently Tender Share ‘True Colours (Sometime I’ll Get Through)’ from Upcoming Debut Album ‘Take Hold of Your Promise!’

Characteristic of Gently Tender, the track mulls in its introspection and musically translates an effort to understand oneself.

by 27 Jul 2022

Listen: Dry Cleaning Share New Single ‘Anna Calls From The Arctic’

Dry Cleaning have returned with their latest single, ‘Anna Calls From The Arctic’.

by 13 Jul 2022

Listen: Maripool Shares New Single ‘Softly’

Natasha Simões is the Lisbon-born, London-based singer-songwriter known as  Maripool. Her new single ‘Softly’ marks the release of her first single for Practise Music and comes with a twisted, self-directed, self-edited music video. Describing herself as a “one girl band”,…

by 28 Jun 2022

Listen: Launder Release New Single ‘Intake’

In the lead up to their debut album, ‘Happening’, Launder have released their newest single ‘Intake’ via Ghostly.

by 06 Jun 2022

Listen: Native Sun Share New Single ‘Sister’

The New York-based quartet, Native Sun, have released their newest single via the revered indie label, Grand Jury. With what in many senses feels like a nod to classic rock n’roll, Native Sun have released their angst ridden single, ‘Sister’….

by 24 May 2022

Listen: Gag Salon Release New Single ‘Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Pavement’

It bounces around the stresses of getting older and moving away from old circumstances and friends.

by 20 May 2022

Listen: Brighton’s Shady Baby Sign to Nice Swan and Share ‘Come To Life’

Shady Baby is Nice Swan Records’ latest signing and their new single stays true to the label’s high energy reputation.