Articles by: Brad Sked

by 16 Sep 2021

Listen: Mystic Peach Return With New Single ‘She’s So Neat’

Whilst there’s an ever-attentive focus on the burgeoning London scene, other parts of the country have seen some of the most-exciting emerging artists produce, and one of those artists is Southampton’s, Mystic Peach. Despite summer being very nearly over, the…

by 25 Aug 2021

Listen: Cheap Teeth Share New Single ‘I Am The Mud’

With Autumn poking its sodden leaden head, it’s time to concede to the departure of sun-laden good times and embrace the dusk, itself. With that being said, Edinburgh’s Cheap Teeth are here to soundtrack these coming months – and what…

by 21 Jul 2021

Listen: London’s Rosie Alena Shares New Single ‘The Light’ via untitled (recs)

“For me, the song acts as an affirmation: envisioning a more hopeful, happier and grounded self; seeing the light outside our windows both literally and metaphorically”

by 09 Jun 2021

Listen: Mystic Peach Share A Place To Bury Strangers Remix of ‘Wanna Be My Daddy?’

‘Wanna Be My Daddy?’ gets thrown into a gothic cauldron by the cacophonous noise-merchants, A Place To Bury Strangers.

by 23 Apr 2021

Listen: Mandrake Handshake Share New Single ‘Monolith’

Delving into the sounds of spiritual exploration with a dose of  fervent psychedelic-pop, Mandrake Handshake’s newest offering is a sun-laden kaleidoscopic, spiraling voyage.

by 03 Mar 2021

Listen: Melbourne’s CLAMM Share New Single ‘Liar’ via Meat Machine

CLAMM share new single ‘Liar’ via Meat Machine, the label who brought us Crack Cloud & NOV3L

by 10 Feb 2021

Listen: Blackaby Returns with New Single ‘Warm and Sweet’

As I write this on a cold winter’s day, where my hands are seemingly beginning to thaw and thus I’m struggling to even write this one sentence without incessant typos, I long for the summer. Thankfully, Blackaby have emerged with…

by 26 Jan 2021

Listen: JC Palmer Share New Single ‘Fidget’ via Art’s Cool

Margate’s Art’s Cool have been doing a lot of interesting stuff in their seaside town for a few years now, namely hosting forward-thinking shows. The new music connoisseurs have now expanded their realms with the launch of their new label…

by 07 Jan 2021

Listen: Glasgow’s Comfort release ‘Received Life’ via Slow Dance 20 Compilation

Forward-thinking South London purveyors of the leftfield, Slow Dance Records have wasted absolutely no time with 2021. Just a handful of days into the new year, the DIY champions have dropped an electro-charged, murky banger with Comfort’s ‘Received Life’ launching…