Articles by: Brad Sked

by 21 Jul 2021

Listen: London’s Rosie Alena Shares New Single ‘The Light’ via untitled (recs)

“For me, the song acts as an affirmation: envisioning a more hopeful, happier and grounded self; seeing the light outside our windows both literally and metaphorically”

by 09 Jun 2021

Listen: Mystic Peach Share A Place To Bury Strangers Remix of ‘Wanna Be My Daddy?’

‘Wanna Be My Daddy?’ gets thrown into a gothic cauldron by the cacophonous noise-merchants, A Place To Bury Strangers.

by 23 Apr 2021

Listen: Mandrake Handshake Share New Single ‘Monolith’

Delving into the sounds of spiritual exploration with a dose of  fervent psychedelic-pop, Mandrake Handshake’s newest offering is a sun-laden kaleidoscopic, spiraling voyage.

by 03 Mar 2021

Listen: Melbourne’s CLAMM Share New Single ‘Liar’ via Meat Machine

CLAMM share new single ‘Liar’ via Meat Machine, the label who brought us Crack Cloud & NOV3L

by 10 Feb 2021

Listen: Blackaby Returns with New Single ‘Warm and Sweet’

As I write this on a cold winter’s day, where my hands are seemingly beginning to thaw and thus I’m struggling to even write this one sentence without incessant typos, I long for the summer. Thankfully, Blackaby have emerged with…

by 26 Jan 2021

Listen: JC Palmer Share New Single ‘Fidget’ via Art’s Cool

Margate’s Art’s Cool have been doing a lot of interesting stuff in their seaside town for a few years now, namely hosting forward-thinking shows. The new music connoisseurs have now expanded their realms with the launch of their new label…

by 07 Jan 2021

Listen: Glasgow’s Comfort release ‘Received Life’ via Slow Dance 20 Compilation

Forward-thinking South London purveyors of the leftfield, Slow Dance Records have wasted absolutely no time with 2021. Just a handful of days into the new year, the DIY champions have dropped an electro-charged, murky banger with Comfort’s ‘Received Life’ launching…

by 07 Dec 2020

Listen: The Cool Greenhouse Share New Single ‘The End of the World’

They only released their debut album in May, but that hasn’t stopped The Cool Greenhouse with their output in this ghastly year. Out now via Melodic Records and on double A-side vinyl, comes ‘The End Of The World’ seeing the…

by 23 Nov 2020

Listen: London’s Blue Bendy Share New Single ‘International’

‘Hailing from all quarters of England ranging from Suffolk, Devon all the way north to Scunthorpe before finding themselves in the cauldrons of South London, the Blue Bendy sextet have returned with their latest single ‘International’. Lamenting the deliberating and…