Articles by: Charlie Brown

by 01 Dec 2022

Watch: Los Bitchos Share Video for Christmas Single ‘Los Chrismos’

‘Los Chrismos’ has all the trimmings of the oddly defined genre that is Christmas music.

by 29 Nov 2022

Listen: Wonderbug Share New Single ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’

Ahead of their upcoming EP ‘Wait What?’, Wonderbug share earnest new single ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’.

by 21 Nov 2022

Listen: two blinks, i love you Share Debut Single ‘i love you’

‘two blinks, i love you’ is the new project from avid lower-case advocate, Liam Brown

by 12 Oct 2022

Listen: H.L. Grail Shares Debut Single ‘Sandman’ via Underfoot

‘Sandman’ is a subtle entrance by H.L. Grail into the increasingly exciting Indie-Folk scene.

by 03 Oct 2022

Listen: Divorce Share Their Balladry New Single ‘Checking Out’

Where campy westerns deal with the eternal struggle between sheriff and outlaw, and a country ballad reveals the melodrama of bygone gender-roles, Divorce’s latest single ‘Checking Out’ squeezes both into 4 minutes and says ‘Hey, look at this!’ The single…

by 16 Sep 2022

Review: Tapir! – ‘Act 1 (The Pilgrim)’

On their debut EP, Tapir! begin a parable with no need for text, for the images are so warming.

by 02 Sep 2022

Listen: Glows Share New Single ‘Pull’ from Upcoming Mixtape ‘LA, 1620’

Glows’ latest single ‘Pull’ magnifies the ugliest pores of a rotting relationship.

by 16 Aug 2022

Listen: Fresh Faced Humour Share Latest Single ‘alive and well’ and Announce Debut EP

Showcasing their knack for crafting spooky post-punk, the track is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Pure Misery’.

by 29 Jun 2022

Listen: Gently Tender Share New Track ‘Sunlight In Motion’ from Upcoming Debut Album

Gently Tender’s latest single makes you realise nothing is sacred, but that wont stop you from enjoying it.