Articles by: Dan Pare

by 27 Jun 2018

Interview: We speak to Iceage following the release of ‘Beyondless’

Copenhagen’s prodigal sons have returned from a hiatus spanning four years- and judging by the direction the world has tilted in since their 2014 opus Plowing Into the Field of Love, they have emerged at the perfect time to soundtrack…

by 10 Oct 2018

Watch: Bristol’s Cruelty release debut single ahead of IDLES afterparty show

Bristol’s own Cruelty are the latest in an emerging lineage of bands playing furious post punk with a social conscience. New single ‘Disgraced’ is a ferocious foray into the uncomfortable, as it explores the relationship between mental health and romantic…

by 07 Sep 2018

Watch: Meggie Brown releases video for 10/6 ahead of show at Birthdays, London

Meggie Brown’s new tune is a stunner. Spawned from the annals of a windowless North London living/rehearsal space, it is an ode to the surreal places waning mental health can take you – and through Brown’s direct address to the…

by 13 Jul 2017

Interview: We chat to Meatraffle about South London, 6Music and revolution.

For a band so seemingly fixated on meshing the ridiculous with grim reality, the air of authenticity that surrounds Meatraffle is striking. Cutting through the pretension of the music industry with the harsh grace of a soldering iron running through…

by 08 May 2019

Watch: Edie Lawrence and Jean Penne release short film’Wet Toes’.

‘Wet Toes’ tells the story of a young man enthralled by his dad’s gorgeous new girlfriend, a skull-tattooed snake lover, who’s ‘much cooler than mum’.

by 21 Feb 2019

Watch: Madonnatron release video for ‘Sucker Punch’ and announce new album

‘Sucker Punch’, the lead single from South London’s post-punk outfit Madonnatron’s forthcoming album ‘Musica Alla Putanesca’ (released May 24th on the legendary Trashmouth Records) is certainly aptly named. Opening with an intensity akin to an unexpected heavy blow to the…