Articles by: Dan Pare

by 11 May 2021

Interview: Iceage – Journals, Religion and Wizards

An interview with Iceage which originally featured within Issue Thirty of So Young Magazine. For a decade now, we have been blessed with Iceage. From the furious punk railings of ‘New Brigade’ to the swampy romantic grandeur of 2018’s ‘Beyondless’,…

by 10 Mar 2021

The Scoop: Glasgow’s VLURE – The New Leaders of the Pack

Part post-punk throb, part industrial chug, with a sprinkling of the quasi-80’s anthemic – it sounds like the late Dale Barclay fronting early Depeche Mode

by 04 Mar 2021

The Scoop: Teesside’s Benefits – Fighting Music For Fighting Times

This is music that would sound genuinely bizarre coming out of any other part of the world – it is the sound not just of a country on the brink, but a country tired by its own conditioned apathy into acceptance.

by 18 Feb 2021

The Scoop: London’s Legss – Welcome to the Age of the Bystander

Perhaps simply by virtue of the fact that they’re not a world-touring, chart-infesting act, there is a case that could be made that Legss are one of the most underrated acts to grace the British musical landscape of today. Theirs…

by 11 Feb 2021

The Scoop: Bristol’s Robbie & Mona – Dreamy Pop Landscapes and Jolts of Hyper Electronica

Bristolian couple-duo Robbie & Mona (Pet Shimmers own William Carkeet and Eleanor Gray) have emerged from the woodwork of the bizarre existence we live, and with recent Spinny Nights-released album EW, we have been graced, already, with undoubtedly one of…

by 21 Jan 2021

The Scoop: Leeds’ Yard Act – Setting The World Ablaze From Lockdown

If there may be some grace in the universe, it certainly lies in fantastic music emerging from the hitherto unknown. So it was with Yard Act, the Yorkshire act who appeared in lockdown with only a couple of gigs under…

by 14 Jan 2021

The Scoop: London’s Nuha Ruby Ra – The Coolest Motherfucker on the Planet

It’s still early, but I’m pretty sure East-London avant-pop songstress Nuha Ruby Ra is the coolest motherfucker on the planet. At the very least, her live experience reads as a laundry list of bands many can only dream of supporting;…

by 12 Jan 2021

Review: shame – Drunk Tank Pink

The last time I saw shame live was at the Forum in Kentish Town, in an explosive end to what seemed like a lifetime of touring their first album – and what a triumph. I have never seen a room…

by 07 Jan 2021

The Scoop: London’s deathcrash – Post Rock Without the Gatekeeping

London post-rock quartet deathcrash walk that line between beauty and abject horror where the snow leopards live. Content to affect the position of quasi-anonymity, with bleak landscape shots often taking the place of well-lit press photo portraiture, their strain of…