Articles by: Dirk Baart

by 25 Mar 2022

Listen: Working Men’s Club Share Anthemic New Single ‘Widow’

Let’s agree, there’s nothing more exciting than watching a band blossom into its prime; and that’s exactly what we’re witnessing with Working Men’s Club right now. While their eponymous debut album is still fresh in our memory two-years after its…

by 14 Oct 2021

Listen: Amsterdam’s The Klittens Share New Single ‘Canned Air’

DIY punk quintet The Klittens up their game with new single ‘Canned Air’.

by 13 Oct 2021

Listen: Leeds’ Eades Share New Single ‘Reno’

‘Reno’ is a vital anthem full of team spirit and bravado.

by 10 Aug 2021

Listen: London’s Modern Woman Share New Single ‘Juniper’ and Announce Debut EP

London’s Modern Woman share the intriguing ‘Juniper’, a mysterious track that slowly creeps up on you.

by 12 Jul 2021

Listen: Ziyad Al-Samman Shares ‘Dark Horse’ via Handsome Dad

Jordan-born, London-based crooner Ziyad Al-Samman has got the rare kind of song on his hands that feels like it has been a cult classic for sixty years

by 07 Jul 2021

Watch: Rotterdam’s Tramhaus Share Debut Live Session

Rotterdam is a city that is in constant motion, where nostalgia is frowned upon and the new is preferred over the old. The Netherlands’ second city prides itself on its state of the art architecture, its massive man-made Maasvlakte and…

by 20 May 2021

Listen: Manchester’s The Early Mornings Share New Single ‘Days Spent’

The Early Mornings hit a delicate balance between bitter and sweet on their new single ‘Days Spent’.

by 16 Apr 2021

Listen: English Teacher Share ‘R&B’ via the Nice Swan Introduces Series

English Teacher waste no time in setting the wheels in motion on ‘R n B’. An expeditious bassline accompanies Lily Fontaine’s deadpan vocals.

by 31 Mar 2021

Listen: Legss Share Video for EP Title Track ‘Doomswayers’

It may seem the global pandemic has made our lives unpredictable. In fact, a sense of adventure is one of the most vital things currently missing from our existence, from meeting strangers to discovering alleyways that you had never seen…