Articles by: Dirk Baart

by 02 May 2023

Listen: Strange Ranger Share ‘She’s On Fire’ and Announce New Album

‘She’s on Fire’ is quite simply a sublime soundtrack for a blissful 7 am drive home after an adventurous night.

by 02 May 2023

Listen: Egyptian Blue Share New Single ‘Matador’

The Brighton-based four-piece are back to their best

by 21 Mar 2023

Listen: Rotterdam’s Library Card Release New Single ‘Sunflowers’

Rotterdam has once more launched an exciting and distinctive newcomer in the form of Library Card.

by 07 Nov 2022

Listen: Lewsberg Share Inquisitive New Single ‘Sweets’

Over the past three years, Lewsberg have steadily become a stalwart of Rotterdam’s flourishing scene. Throughout those years, Lewsberg have sometimes given off the impression of an immovable object, a seemingly static unit not known for its vivacious live shows…

by 18 Oct 2022

Listen: HighSchool Return with ‘Only a Dream’ via Speedy Wunderground

‘Only A Dream’ is a song that simply cannot be played only once.

by 19 Aug 2022

Listen: PVA Share New Single ‘Bad Dad’

It’s always a privilege to witness a band get better and better. Even more so when you’re dealing with a band that seems to smash through its own ceiling every time they release a new song. From 2019’s Speedy Wunderground…

by 18 Aug 2022

Listen: Splint Share Their Debut Single ‘Military Procedures’

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t the second coming of that famed math-rock band from Louisville, Kentucky, whose seminal Spiderland is a source of inspiration for your favourite post-punk band. This is something much more exciting; ‘Military Procedures’, the debut single…

by 25 Mar 2022

Listen: Working Men’s Club Share Anthemic New Single ‘Widow’

Let’s agree, there’s nothing more exciting than watching a band blossom into its prime; and that’s exactly what we’re witnessing with Working Men’s Club right now. While their eponymous debut album is still fresh in our memory two-years after its…

by 14 Oct 2021

Listen: Amsterdam’s The Klittens Share New Single ‘Canned Air’

DIY punk quintet The Klittens up their game with new single ‘Canned Air’.