Articles by: Elvis Thirlwell

by 23 May 2024

Listen: Cardiff Newcomers Casual Smart Share ‘It Doesn’t Get Any Easier’

Impossibly delicate, ‘It doesn’t get any easier’ is a desperately gorgeous moment of brittle innocence from Cardiff newcomers, Casual Smart.

by 07 May 2024

Listen: NYC’s Fcukers Share New Single ‘Bon Bon’ via Technicolour

NYC trio Fcukers share new single ‘Bon Bon’ via Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint

by 07 May 2024

Listen: Stroud Duo Mermaid Chunky Sign to DFA and Share ‘Céilí’

Audio-Visual duo Mermaid Chunky sign to James Murphy’s DFA Records and share new single ‘Céilí’.

by 01 May 2024

Listen: Austin’s Font Share ‘Hey Kekulé’ and Announce Debut Album

Invoking the dance-ridden post-punk of noughties New York,  but with an added spark of experimental heat and muscle.

by 30 Apr 2024

Listen: London’s Ebbb Share Debut Double Single ‘Himmel’ / ‘Swarm’ and Announce Debut EP via Ninja Tune

Emerging with an influx of live shows across London, a new project enigmatically called Ebbb almost immediately started turning heads with an idiosyncratic yet spell-blinding blend of choric melody and severe rave ecstasy

by 22 Apr 2024

Listen: Fat Dog Announce Debut Album ‘WOOF’ and Share Single ‘Running’

South London’s Fat Dog have already become legendary exponents of the sublime and ridiculous, ripping up any preconceived notion of cool and righteously wiping their arses with it. 

by 03 Apr 2024

Listen: London’s The Itch Share Debut Single ‘Ursula’

The Itch have spent the last 6 months or so shimmering across seemingly every grassroots venue, and clambering onto almost every festival line-up worth its weight in cool.

by 20 Mar 2024

Listen: Bug Teeth Share New Single ‘Landscaping’

Leeds’ Bug Teeth return with new single ‘Landscaping’ via Come Play With Me / EMI North Like a gang of fairies that have chanced upon the guitar pedals and experimental rhythms lurking at the bottom of their garden, Bug Teeth…

by 05 Mar 2024

Listen: Brighton’s ELLiS·D share’s the restless ‘Humdrum’ via Crafting Room Recordings

Twitching like an insatiable urge that just won’t subside – no matter how hard you struggle; no matter what remedies, creams, or ointments or remedies you vaingloriously apply – the new fizzer from ELLiS·D rumbles blindly onwards with anxious foreboding,…