Articles by: Elvis Thirlwell

by 20 Mar 2024

Listen: Bug Teeth Share New Single ‘Landscaping’

Leeds’ Bug Teeth return with new single ‘Landscaping’ via Come Play With Me / EMI North Like a gang of fairies that have chanced upon the guitar pedals and experimental rhythms lurking at the bottom of their garden, Bug Teeth…

by 05 Mar 2024

Listen: Brighton’s ELLiS·D share’s the restless ‘Humdrum’ via Crafting Room Recordings

Twitching like an insatiable urge that just won’t subside – no matter how hard you struggle; no matter what remedies, creams, or ointments or remedies you vaingloriously apply – the new fizzer from ELLiS·D rumbles blindly onwards with anxious foreboding,…

by 29 Feb 2024

Listen: Been Stellar Return with New Single ‘Passing Judgment’ and Announce Debut Album

Jangling guitars and swaggering drums flash off each other with all the grit and vitality of steel blades clattering in combat.

by 28 Feb 2024

Listen: Manchester’s Martial Arts Share Debut Single ‘Warsaw’

The debut single from Manchester’s Martial Arts is all-out attack! attack! attack!

by 31 Jan 2024

Listen: London’s Pencil share new single ‘The Window’ via Moshi Moshi Records

‘The Window’ flickers with the graininess of 16mm film, each moment a beautiful, painful memory, captured in a postcard-perfect frame. 

by 31 Jan 2024

Listen: Stoke’s Christian Share Manic New Single ‘Marimba Tragic Death Cult’

Stoke’s Christian Music unleash psych-punk hell with the manic ‘Marimba Tragic Death Cult’ Forged to the sound of bones breaking in an Osees mosh,  every single neuron of Christian Music nervous framework has been jacked to the absolute max. Pumped…

by 23 Jan 2024

Listen: Hastings Trio Borough Council Share ‘Casino’ via Speedy Wunderground

As debut single ‘Prescribed’ brought us a first taste of Borough Council’s, moody and deeply absorbing indie rock, ‘Casino’ is it’s 4K HD follow-up.

by 17 Jan 2024

Listen: Baltimore’s Tomato Flower Share ‘Saint’ and Announce Debut Album ‘No’ via Ramp Local

Collapsing between Stereolab-esque avant-pop flutters, and shambling art-rock chaos, the latest cut from Tomato Flower has the sand constantly shifting beneath its feet.

by 10 Jan 2024

Listen: C Turtle Share Single ‘Shake It Down’ and Announce New Album ‘Expensive Thrills’

‘Shake It Down’ charges itself with that most valuable and hard to muster attitude towards living –  be loud, be silly; have fun and be free.