Articles by: Elvis Thirlwell

by 17 Jan 2023

Listen: Heartworms Return with New Single ‘Retributions Of An Awful Life’ and Announce Debut EP via Speedy Wunderground

Heartworms, wage an all-out electro-rock siege on latest statement, “Retributions Of An Awful Life”.

by 13 Jan 2023

Listen: London’s Tugboat Captain Return with Single ‘Flash of Light’

How did our lovelies Tugboat Captain ever get so evil? Now three albums deep,  “London’s premier DIY Baroque-Pop troupe” – as they dub themselves – return with 2 minute trip “Flash of Light”. It contains, by their own account, “first…

by 29 Nov 2022

Interview: A Conversation with Angus Rogers (Opus Kink) on His Debut Poetry Collection ‘Dog Replica’

As a culmination of his work so far, Rogers now arrives with his debut collection, ‘Dog Replica’.

by 23 Nov 2022

Listen: Manchester’s Cruush Share Single ‘Sombre by the Weekend’ via Heist or Hit

Manchester’s Cruush mix the downtrodden with the delirious on latest single ‘Sombre by the Weekend’.

by 10 Nov 2022

Review: The Cool Greenhouse Balance the Bonkers with the Simple on ‘Sod’s Toastie’

Weaving the extraordinary into bitter Tory-trodden reality

by 07 Nov 2022

Listen: London’s Ugly Share Spiritual New Cut ‘Sha’

‘Sha’ confounds all expectations for what this six-piece are capable of churning.

by 31 Oct 2022

Listen: Manchester’s Yasmin Coe Shares Debut Single ‘No Hope’

Coe’s debut presses its chorus-pedal to the metal and cruises at a starry-eyed mph.

by 13 Oct 2022

Listen: Baby Vanga Share Luminescent New Single ‘Cosmic Shifter’

Sidling across the astral terraforma, there’s some London hippies skating on an electric breeze, casting luminescence onto the Celestia. Baby Vanga are charting constellations and puncturing time. As they spellbind beat and melody into stratospheric reaches, they ask nobly at…

by 28 Jul 2022

Listen: Sons of Ivaldi Share Debut Single ‘Where My Babe Goes’

A new project from Sam Goater (Ugly) and Halden Cook, Sons of Ivaldi place themselves as some sort of Electro-Elder Scrolls Alt-pop, alchemised in a Rivendell mountain gorge. Sending folk music into lightspeed, the duo are on a heaven-sent quest…