Articles by: Elvis Thirlwell

by 25 May 2022

Listen: Dog Share Their Latest Single ‘Daddy Got Pony’

Focusing a Fat Whites-ish brain-crawling unease, Dog’s latest vignette chronicles a certain ‘Daddy’, whose ‘baby’ rejects his gift of  ‘pony.’  For sure, it’s simple enough as songplots go, but ‘Daddy…’ is  generously slaked with a mystifying, oozing sliminess. The track…

by 25 May 2022

Review: For Breakfast Unveil Second EP ‘Trapped In The Big Room’

Trapping the wonderland majesties of Maurice Ravel’s interludes, inside a psychedelicious post-whatyamacallit fever-dream, For Breakfast’s follow up to 2020 ‘Songs in the Key Of O’, presents gripping reformulations and eclectic confoundments. Recorded in a decommissioned air base in Suffolk –…

by 10 May 2022

Listen: Opus Kink Share New Track ‘Dog Stay Down’

Announcing their debut EP, ‘Til the Stream Runs Dry’, released via Nice Swan Records on 17th June, Brighton’s Opus Kink serve up its third tease with ‘Dog Stay Down’. Punctured by troglodytic grunts and groans, ‘Dog Stay Down’ unloads a…

by 27 Apr 2022

Listen: Park Motive Share New Single ‘Undark’

Park Motive release their circuit-board-curdling single ‘Undark’, via Bristol’s Spinny Nights. “I have seen the beauty in decay”. This is the key refrain which Park Motive’s brain-centre Sam Herschmann, croaks and caterwauls in chamber-chilled vaults of ‘Undark’. It’s a fitting line…

by 20 Apr 2022

Listen: Moreish Idols Release Their Latest Single ‘Speedboat’

Their debut for Speedy Wunderground, Cornwall’s Moreish Idols release their scintillating master-tale ‘Speedboat’. Those who have glazed over ‘World Speedboat Championships’ meets on Youtube (it’s worth a brief and gleeful watch, trust) will know the visceral perils of a forbidding…

by 14 Mar 2022

Listen: Speedboat Share New Single ‘Sadie Grey’

Speedboat’s latest single ‘Sadie Grey’, glamorously spins itself right into your local New-Wave discotheque. There, Brighton brothers Johnny and Will Griffiths will indulge all ye olde Top Of the Pops fantasies; pin-up posters in glossy magazines, guest-lists for all the…

by 11 Mar 2022

Listen: Dog Share Their Debut Single ‘Beep! Beep! Honk! Honk!

Quibbles about congestion fees,  rear-views of Cyclists’ bums; Toyota Yaris engine rumbles; sampled evil cackles resounding to fade… These may seem like the madcap plans sniggered-up by schoolboys during lunch breaks. But in the hands of London newcomers Dog, they…

by 09 Mar 2022

Listen: For Breakfast Share New Single ‘Heavy Horse Museum’

Of the hearty casserole of post-rock bands already making hay in 2022, For Breakfast are the amongst the most fiendish.

by 04 Mar 2022

Listen: Krush Puppies Share New Single ‘Love Kills The Demons’

South London’s Krush Puppies, the latest signing to Holm Front, feel like the unwrapping of an intimate secret. With it’s mystifying blend of disparate genres, every fleeting second of  ‘Love Kills the Demons’ – the first tease of their upcoming…