Articles by: Elvis Thirlwell

by 30 Nov 2023

Review: Dextrous, Dynamic and Authentic to its Core – Melbourne Five-Piece Radio Free Alice Share Self Titled Debut EP

Radio Free Alice find themselves set to make a few waves in 2024.

by 29 Nov 2023

Listen: London’s Enter Laughing Share New Double Single ‘Ghost At The Feast’/ ‘Very Obsession’

Enter Laughing present us a diptych of electro-gothic psych-pop – serene, insatiable and smitten by all the frosty sparkle of a wintry dawn.

by 17 Nov 2023

Listen: Brighton Newbies ladylike Share Debut Single ‘Southbound’

‘Southbound’ takes to heart the truism that it’s the journey that matters, and not the destination.

by 08 Nov 2023

Listen: London’s C Turtle Return with New Single ‘Have You Ever Heard A Turtle Sing?’

Whimsical in one sense, yet resolutely direct in another, it’s a delight for something so bad-ass to be so enchantingly fun.

by 07 Nov 2023

Listen: Cork Newcomers Cardinals Share New Single ‘Roseland’

Cardinals are here to serve up sublime, cathartic refuge, one tear-jerking tale at a time.

by 02 Nov 2023

Listen: London’s Vaermina Share New Single ‘Real Panic’ and Announce Mini-Album ‘Tantrum’

‘Real Panic’s ultimate charm lies in its ass-kicking metallic synth hook chorus – instantly gratifying, a rush of serotonin to the head, a fiery shockwave to the nervous system.

by 25 Oct 2023

Listen: Gently Tender Share New Single ‘Country Folk’ Ahead of November Tour with Naima Bock

Like all the band’s best work, it’s laden with reflection, with deep spirituality and a sense that some of life’s most valuable lessons were learnt to enable its creation.

by 17 Oct 2023

Listen: Belfast Trio Makeshift Art Bar Share Debut Single ‘Inertia’

when it comes noisy, dissident and unhinging rock, it’s from across the Irish sea where its most tantalising exponents yet still emerge. 

by 11 Oct 2023

Listen: Pencil Share Debut Single ‘The Giant’ via Moshi-Moshi

‘The Giant’ proposes something naked, bare, and extraordinary.