Articles by: Eve Boothroyd

by 11 Mar 2024

The Scoop: The Other Folk – We Are Witnessing an Alternative Folk Revival

Tales are being spun reminiscent of bygone times, no longer fixating on the disappointments of city life, instead detailing lush landscapes and aching hearts.

by 09 Oct 2023

Listen: The Last Dinner Party Share New Single ‘My Lady of Mercy’

For every soaring, cacophonous high of the track there is an equally affecting moment of pause, like the gasp of air you grab on a rollercoaster before plummeting into another moment of exhilaration. 

by 03 Oct 2023

Listen: Mary in the Junkyard Share Debut Single ‘Tuesday’

Mary in the Junkyard are here and with them everything changes. This is a band who demand to be seen, but only in their own, distinctly vivid and playful terms. 

by 27 Sep 2023

Listen: Leeds Experimental Collective HONESTY Share Debut Single ‘U&I’/ ‘TUNE IN TUNE OUT’ via Partisan Records

Refusing to be bound by genre or fall into tropes, the tracks swell and ooze as they trawl through vivid emotions and unspoken truths. 

by 29 Aug 2023

Review: Tapir! Merge the Familiar with the Mystical on New EP ‘Act 2 (Their God)’

We may only be midway through the pilgrim’s first tale, but we cannot wait to hear what his future may hold. 

by 24 Aug 2023

The Scoop: Female Future – Women are Reclaiming and Reshaping Guitar Music

There have always been women in guitar music, but the vast amount of talent and variety emerging in a relatively short period feels like the beginning of a significant movement.

by 04 Jul 2023

Listen: London’s Oscar Browne Shares New Single ‘Cut Me Off’

‘Cut Me Off’ is vulnerable, frustrated and fearful in equal measure.

by 04 May 2023

Listen: London’s Bishopskin Share New Single ‘Hey Little Sister’

With a stirring, swerving singular violin melody, Bishopskin usher in the latest of their unusual and rousing tracks.

by 20 Apr 2023

Listen: The Last Dinner Party Share Debut Single ‘Nothing Matters’

The track swells with gothic influence, swerving between grand guitar solos and wailing yet velvety soft vocals.