Articles by: Eve Boothroyd

by 24 Mar 2023

Review: Black Country, New Road – ‘Live at Bush Hall’

Black Country, New Road walk the line between humour and tragedy in their song-writing.

by 14 Sep 2022

Watch: The Cool Greenhouse Share Stop Motion Video for New Single ‘I Lost My Head’

An astoundingly detailed murky cardboard world, riddled with a claustrophobic sense of anxious paranoia. 

by 11 Aug 2022

Listen: Bingo Fury Shares ‘Underfall Yard’ from Upcoming Debut EP ‘Mercy’s Cut’

‘Underfall Yard’ feels like two stories taking place simultaneously within each other.

by 22 Apr 2022

Listen: Sorry Share New Single ‘There’s So Many People That Want To Be Loved’

Instead of focusing on the dizzying first haze of love, or its dramatic collapse, Sorry look at the limbo of being out of love.

by 12 Apr 2022

Listen: Jockstrap Share New Single ‘Concrete Over Water’ via Rough Trade

‘Concrete Over Water’ is a rich and insightful exploration of the conflicting forces at play when existing in the modern city. 

by 07 Apr 2022

Listen: Porridge Radio Share New Single ‘The Rip’

If Porridge Radio’s astounding ascent to fame can be accounted to any major factor it is perhaps their ability to use surreal, often jarring images to capture the seemingly inexpressible.

by 23 Mar 2022

Listen: Tenderhost Shares New Single ‘My House’

As Tenderhost continue to establish their distinctly dark yet enthralling aesthetic, you can’t help but be drawn to their shadowy world.

by 02 Feb 2022

Listen: Tenderhost Share Debut Single ‘The Descent’

Tenderhost’s debut single ‘The Descent’ has managed to wrap an untraditional post-punk track in the aesthetic of a smoky 1920s underground jazz club.

by 10 Jan 2022

Listen: Public Body Share New Single ‘Reset My Password’

In ‘Reset My Password’, the Brighton band have combined their signature rapid-rhythms and angular guitars, in this angsty rally against working life.