Articles by: Harley Cassidy

by 01 Feb 2019

In Photos: Rowan Allen’s Photography Exhibition Launch

At the entrance to the toilets in the upstairs bar of The Social, there’s a gripping sight. A feast of a photo. It’s of Bowen, the guitarist in Idles, who you probably recognise prancing around stages in his pants. In the…

by 25 Jan 2019

Listen: Honkies release their debut EP ‘Hold Your Horses/It’s All Kicking Off For Honkies Volume.1’

As we truly enter 2019, Honkies have become something of an institution. They are the failsafe jewel in South London’s precarious crown. They are a conversation filler for regulars supping pints in the Five Bells and a collective favourite of…

by 14 Dec 2018

Watch: Snapped Ankles release video for ‘Drink and Glide’

Snapped Ankles’s message is often fragmented, but ultimately seems to straddle a strong dichotomy between nature and capitalism – the latter firmly tongue in cheek, of course. I encountered them once, at a festival, which was not dissimilar to stumbling…

by 21 Nov 2018

Watch: Fur release video for new single ‘Angel Eyes’

Wholesome content is the theme for Autumn 2018. It’s the next frontier in Internet culture. It’s a reminder that there’s some semblance of good in the world. It’s fuelled by lush landscapes, cute animals and an undying correspondence with the…

by 06 Nov 2018

Interview: We catch up with The Orielles as they release two new tracks

The Orielles have always been a band with a thirst for adventure. They see a genre they like, dismantle it, withdraw the parts they desire and re-mould it in to something entirely their own. Their debut album, Silver Dollar Moment,…

by 25 Oct 2018

Review: Warmduscher; a weapon against the simplistic, straight-jacket within

Warmduscher make music to dematerialise the catatonia; bawdy, mercurial and never dull, their combination of Beefheart blues and Funkadelic groove, always transcribes to a raucous live show where every song vies for attention, flitting between doo-wop soul and cacophonous mayhem…

by 11 Sep 2018

Review: End of the Road Festival

I have never been more enamoured with a festival like I have with End Of The Road. The first reason is because, normally, I fucking hate silent discos. End Of The Road’s silent disco is the silent disco in which…

by 13 Jul 2018

Listen: Children of the State release Fat Whites produced debut EP

This afternoon we are proud to present, for all the messed-up children of this world, the debut offering from the Children of the State; a band of self-described ‘peyote punks’ who are so enamoured with the notion of freewheeling that…

by 05 Jun 2018

Review: Confidence Man Get Down At Village Underground

There’s been much debate as to whether Confidence Man are a gift worth receiving in 2018. A portion of people acknowledge them as the dose of hedonism we all need right now. Some think they’re the best thing since Talking…