Articles by: Josh Whettingsteel

by 03 Dec 2023

Interview: Meet our Printers: Ex Why Zed

Ex Why Zed have been printing So Young since the very first issue and are key in the development of the magazine and how it looks.

by 23 Nov 2023

Interview: Story Telling and Disheveled Rock Princesses with rabbit’s Sophie Spratley

In July 2021 Sophie Spratley graduated from Kingston School of Art with collection ‘In Your Dreams’. Right around the time she adopted Nettle, a little black pet rabbit, who currently roams free in her home in Bristol acting as both…

by 01 Nov 2023

Interview: Meet Illustrator: Eleanor Young

Eleanor Young is a Canadian-Chinese Illustrator based in Strasbourg, France. Currently doing her Master’s degree in Multilingual Web Communication at the University of Strasbourg. Eleanor went to the School of Visual Arts in New York for her Undergraduate degree in…

by 24 Oct 2023

In Photos: Frieze London 2023 Highlights

Frieze Week 2023 took place between the 11th and the 15th October. This year, Frieze London had a dynamic programme of special projects, partnerships and events that demonstrate London’s appeal as a vibrant cultural destination. As Frieze London turned 20,…

by 30 Aug 2023

Interview: Meet Illustrator: Roisin O’Donnell (aka Steven Fritters)

Roisin O’Donnell is a freelance illustrator based in Norwich, working under the alias Steven Fritters. Born in Stoke-on-Trent and subsequently attending Leeds Arts University in 2014, Roisin studied fine art and specialised in painting, producing large scale works, significantly different…

by 13 Jul 2023

Interview: Meet Artist: Patrick Aleotti

Patrick co-founded independent music label and art books/zines publishing house called Nervi Cani, creating visuals for records and zines; making DIY fanzines, non-DIY fanzines, flyers and artworks for the Italian underground music scene.

by 04 Jul 2023

Interview: So Young Selects The AUB GradList Illustrators 2023

We are excited to partner with the Arts University Bournemouth for a fourth year and to select and show off some of 2023’s graduates from the Illustration course. The work chosen ranges from 3D Animation and stop motion to playful…

by 03 Mar 2023

Interview: Jim Stoten – Collage Wrong Pop

“I want people to feel excited by what they see or hear of my work, and inspired to make their own thing.”

by 12 Oct 2022

Interview: Meet Designer: Cameron JL West

Our good friend and prolific music industry designer Cameron JL West is about to host, “A Breathtaking Night of Art & Live Music” at The Sebright Arms in London. His first solo exhibition also brings together some of Cameron’s music…