Articles by: Josh Whettingsteel

by 24 May 2021

Interview: So Young Artist Series #10: George Mitchell

The So Young Artist Series is an ongoing project in which we collaborate with some of our favourite artists and designers on one-off items of clothing. In our tenth edition we’ve collaborated with artist and musician, George Mitchell. His smoking…

by 14 Apr 2021

Interview: From Page to Garment. Meet Momo Gordon

We’ve been obsessed with Momo Gordon’s work for a while now and in particular the satisfying transition from page to garment.

by 10 Mar 2021

Interview: WAH-WAH’s Kaylene Milner

Sydney-based brand, WAH-WAH reimagines iconic music designs as wearable art. Kaylene Milner’s collaborative spirit allows her to work with bands and artists both local and international.

by 01 Mar 2021

Interview: Director and Photographer Will Reid

Director and Photographer, Will Reid is fast becoming the go-to for a lot of exciting new bands that are emerging, creating really stand out pieces to accompany their releases. We got to know more about his process and career so…

by 14 Jan 2021

Interview: Raissa Pardini and Pooneh Ghana Collaborate on Beautiful 2021 Calendar

During the absolute mess that was 2020, two of our favourite artists were working away on a project to brighten up the new year. Photographer, Pooneh Ghana and Designer, Raissa Pardini have collaborated on a 2021 music-themed calendar combining Pooneh’s…

by 22 Dec 2020

Interview: Meet Knitwear Designer Annie Hall

Recent graduate from Leeds Arts Uni, Annie Hall is a knitwear designer and illustrator, specialising in jumpers and sweater vests which caught our eye on Instagram.  Originally from a tiny village in Cambridgeshire, Annie has lived in Leeds for the…

by 06 Nov 2020

Interview: Meet Illustrator Kati Szilágyi

Kati Szilágyi is a 32 year-old illustrator living and working in Berlin, Germany. Studying communication design in Mainz, Denmark and Stuttgart she quickly focused on illustration. Kati was hooked when her professor took her class to New York City in…

by 29 Oct 2020

Interview: OUTSIDERS DIVISION: David Méndez Alonso

Artist and illustrator, David Méndez Alonso is co-creator of Outsiders Division. A clothing brand that unites all Outsiders through a passion for colour. The brand’s dedicated following tends to come from creative fields rather than the fashion world, David imagines,…

by 28 Oct 2020

Interview: Seven Years of Secret 7″

2020 marks the end of Secret 7″, the creative fundraiser set up in 2012 by Kevin King and Jordan Stokes. Kevin And Jordan hope to take their grand total raised for good causes to over £250,000 and all the profits…