Articles by: Laura Pegler

by 24 Feb 2021

Listen: London’s deep tan Share New Single ‘camelot’

Sipping on a tonic minus the gin, sat on your lonesome and watching the clock countdown the hours until you can finally… stare around your empty room some more. One resounding question springs to mind – when was the last…

by 17 Feb 2021

Listen: John Myrtle Shares ‘Get Her Off My Mind’ via Sad Club Records

Thank you winter, it’s been a gooden. Scratch that. You’ve been hell on earth and where the heck is springtime? As expectant sun rays peak their heads tentatively around grey-shaded clouds, is there anyone who can tease them prematurely out…

by 09 Feb 2021

Listen: Dry Cleaning Share ‘Strong Feelings’ and Announce Debut Album ‘New Long Leg’

From ‘Strong Feelings’ to the album itself, the four-piece promise to explore the realms of dissociation, escapism, daydreaming and complicated feelings of love

by 26 Jan 2021

Listen: Do Nothing Share New Single ‘Uber Alles’ and Announce New EP

Clean-cut representatives for the suited and booted post-punks of our generation, you’ll find Nottingham’s Do Nothing churning out sonic gold before they’ve even had chance to slurp their morning brew. Now, more than a few mugs in and following one…

by 20 Jan 2021

Listen: London’s DEADLETTER Share New Single ‘Fall of the Big Screen’

After an entire year spent cooped up indoors watching every series, film and documentary known to man, does anyone else feel like the novelty’s wearing thin? Date night at the flicks: the smell of freshly made popcorn wafting down the…

by 08 Jan 2021

Listen: Amsterdam’s Personal Trainer share new single ‘Muscle Memory’ via Holm Front

As we trudge bravely through the mud of what is – hopefully – one final lockdown, it seems that some repeated rhythms are becoming all too familiar. Wake up, hit snooze, commence drinking at lunchtime and top the day off…

by 07 Jan 2021

Review: Lice – WASTELAND: What Ails Our People Is Clear

As the world descends in a downward spiral towards catastrophe and chaos – cue scenes at Capitol Hill – the phrase ‘new year, new me’ seems somewhat out of reach. Unperturbed by the pandemonium and chomping at the bit, are…

by 30 Nov 2020

Watch: Malady Share Video For ‘London, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down’

What does it mean to be a Londoner? An ability to take the tube without consulting Citymapper first? Knowing that east and west are two very different stomping grounds? Calling the perfect pint hotspots before the hipsters get involved? Whatever…

by 23 Nov 2020

Listen: Hebden Bridge Four Piece The Lounge Society Share ‘Burn The Heather’ via Speedy Wunderground

As this sad and sorry year draws nearer to a close, the mood of the nation is – let’s face it – at an all-time low. With beloved grassroots venues on the brink of closure and even the socially distanced…