Articles by: Laura Pegler

by 03 Nov 2023

Listen: Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Return with New Single ‘Therapy’

‘Therapy’ heralds the dawn of a new sound from the glam-rockers, ferociously demanding our attention.

by 22 Sep 2023

Review: London’s YOWL Debut ‘Milksick’ is a Brooding Imagination of their Deepest Trepidations

Putting the misgivings of adulthood back under this microscope, are the disgruntled raconteurs of South London five-piece, YOWL, and their debut album ‘Milksick’.

by 03 Jul 2023

Review: Do Nothing – ‘Snake Sideways’: An Open, Intelligent and Moving Collection of Songs

Caught in the trappings of their own success, the four-piece have opted for a more no-frills approach to their debut record.

by 16 Jun 2023

Listen: Max Winter Shares Single ‘O Matter’ and Launches New (zero) Single Series from untitled (recs)

Glitching at the seams, intrepid synth-rock artist Max Winter finds melody in the madness of his latest earworm, ‘O Matter’.

by 22 May 2023

Listen: London’s Ugly Share New Single ‘The Wheel’

‘The Wheel’ experiments with folk-rock roots

by 05 May 2023

Listen: Brixton’s RY-GUY Shares New Single ‘Nosedive’ from Upcoming EP

An ethereal swirl of galactic synths, the track finds itself transcendent in RY-GUY’s starry-eyed imagination.

by 14 Feb 2023

Listen: Feet Share New Single ‘Changing My Mind Again’

A dizzying cocktail of frenzied guitars and throbbing bass, the track’s pogoing melody packs one heck of a punch.

by 22 Nov 2022

Review: Humour Bash Brains on Debut EP ‘pure misery’

A post-hardcore exploit of feral release.

by 25 Oct 2022

Listen: Lime Garden Share New Single ‘Bitter’

When was the last time that you were in a foul mood? For some it will be right now, others yesterday and for the lucky few but a distant memory. Timelines aside, you’d be lying to yourself to say that…