Articles by: Laura Pegler

by 14 Oct 2022

Interview: The Big Moon – More In Love Than Ever

In the buildup to ‘Here Is Everything’, we caught up with Jules and Celia to get an insight into how this record was made and how motherhood informed the music.

by 21 Sep 2022

Listen: Hotel Lux Announce Debut Album and Share ‘Common Sense’

Hotel Lux return with their pub-rock exploit of ‘Common Sense’. 

by 18 Jan 2022

Listen: Lime Garden Share New Single ‘Marbles’

A head-spin of ping-ponging synths and punchy percussion.

by 28 Sep 2021

Listen: Bristol’s DAMEFRISØR Share New Track ‘Do You Think I’m Special?’

‘Well, that came out wrong.’ ‘I should’ve typed one ‘x’ not two.’ ‘I’ve had green remnants lodged between my teeth for approximately two hours – will I ever be loved again?’ Just a few of the umpteenth societal mishaps that’ll…

by 06 Aug 2021

Listen: Bristol Five-Piece Saloon Dion Share ‘VHS’

Saloon Dion acknowledge the toils of life with a pinch of salt. We could all do with taking a leaf out of their book and ‘VHS’ is a good place to start. 

by 27 Jul 2021

Listen: Wunderhorse Shares Debut Single ‘Teal’ via Yala!

Raw in sound yet musically refined, Slater has matured his craft in all the right places. 

by 07 Jul 2021

Listen: The Golden Dregs Share New Single ‘John’ via End of the Road Records

Comforting in sound and pleasing nature, the single seeks to wrap up your worries in a blanket of cotton wool. 

by 27 May 2021

Listen: Matt Maltese Shares New Track ‘Mystery’

Slightly off-kilter in all the right places, Maltese’s latest offering is a safe space to ponder life’s greatest sensibilities.

by 19 May 2021

Listen: Belfast’s Enola Gay Share First Official Single ‘Sofa Surfing’

Belfast hailing four-piece, Enola Gay, turn unabating destruction into expression laid bare on their first official single, ‘Sofa Surfing’