Articles by: Laura Pegler

by 14 May 2021

Listen: Malady Share New Single ‘Famous Last Words’

Drizzling in dub-led production, the existentially minded track is a groove inducing exploit, ladened with more hooks than a noughties ringtone. 

by 21 Apr 2021

Watch: Sports Team Share New Track ‘Happy (God’s Own Country)’

‘Happy (God’s Own Country)’ is a left-field exploit that’ll have you gripped from start to finish.

by 31 Mar 2021

Listen: Edinburgh’s Cheap Teeth Share New Single ‘Animal Fat’

With new technologies around every corner, it won’t be long before we’re onto iPhone 99, downloading our memories and waking up to holograms serving us bacon and eggs in the morning. An inviting thought? One band that sympathise with our…

by 19 Mar 2021

Review: Blanketman – National Trust

The ‘National Trust’ EP sees the Mancs whistling merrily away on the lighter side of post-punk.

by 16 Mar 2021

Listen: London’s Sorry Spring Surprise Return with Two New Tracks ‘Cigarette Packet’ & ‘Separate’

Still reeling from the head spin of a devilish album debut, it would seem that Sorry’s tales of skewed romanticism are all a fragile muso really needs to keep themselves warm at night. With a long year ahead of us,…

by 24 Feb 2021

Listen: London’s deep tan Share New Single ‘camelot’

Sipping on a tonic minus the gin, sat on your lonesome and watching the clock countdown the hours until you can finally… stare around your empty room some more. One resounding question springs to mind – when was the last…

by 17 Feb 2021

Listen: John Myrtle Shares ‘Get Her Off My Mind’ via Sad Club Records

Thank you winter, it’s been a gooden. Scratch that. You’ve been hell on earth and where the heck is springtime? As expectant sun rays peak their heads tentatively around grey-shaded clouds, is there anyone who can tease them prematurely out…

by 09 Feb 2021

Listen: Dry Cleaning Share ‘Strong Feelings’ and Announce Debut Album ‘New Long Leg’

From ‘Strong Feelings’ to the album itself, the four-piece promise to explore the realms of dissociation, escapism, daydreaming and complicated feelings of love

by 26 Jan 2021

Listen: Do Nothing Share New Single ‘Uber Alles’ and Announce New EP

Clean-cut representatives for the suited and booted post-punks of our generation, you’ll find Nottingham’s Do Nothing churning out sonic gold before they’ve even had chance to slurp their morning brew. Now, more than a few mugs in and following one…