Articles by: Lorenzo Ottone

by 09 Sep 2020

Listen: Eades share new single ‘I Want More’, an existential cry for self-identity

Dropping just two months after the release of the band’s debut EP ‘Microcosmic Things’, ‘I Want More’ is as urgent as its lyrics suggest. A slow burner bursting into an impetuous chorus, the song, as explained by front man Harry…

by 26 Jun 2020

Review: Lady Bird share ‘Brainwash Machine Setting’ EP, A witty and urgent social commentary of post Brexit Britain

When in 2015 Slaves became the latest British music sensation it felt like a whole new scene would soon bloom and monopolise the underground. Five years on, Lady Bird remain the latest disciples of that scene that never truly fulfilled…

by 10 Jun 2020

Listen: Nancy shares new single ‘Call Me On Your Telephone’

Hailing from Brighton, Nancy is as unique, colourful and sexual as the East Sussex city. In his latest single ‘Call Me on Your Telephone’ Nancy seductively croons over a glam guitar shuffle anticipating his second EP ‘Happy Oddities’. A short,…

by 29 Apr 2020

Watch: Walt Disco release their anthem to androgyny with new single and manifesto ‘Cut Your Hair’

Two years ago, a friend who runs a record shop told me how unbelievably quickly Adam & The Ants records were selling among college students. If the sales trend, then, wasn’t making much sense, now it’s evident what the consequences…

by 02 Apr 2020

Listen: Belfast band Junk Drawer share single ‘What I’ve Learned / What I’m Learning’

Junk Drawer share new single ‘What I’ve Learned / What I’m Learning’ and announce debut album ‘Ready for the House’. Growing up in Belfast, surrounded by unstable socio-economic conditions and by the ghosts of IRA, can leave permanent traces. Music,…

by 01 Apr 2020

Listen: Al Moses share ‘He Truly is the Son of God’ via Big Indie

Al Moses release new single ‘He Truly is The Son of God’, an ode to independent venues and to the true spirit of rock’n’roll. Sometimes I wish it still was 2003 or 2007. Mostly because Camden Town hadn’t sold its…

by 24 Mar 2020

Interview: We chat to Alien Tango

Alien Tango shares new EP ‘Friends!’, a surreal ode to friendship on mirror ball-lit suave karaoke beats. Spain-born, London-based Alien Tango chats to Lorenzo Ottone about his love for Japanese video game soundtracks, the challenges of making music from his…

by 19 Mar 2020

Interview: Lady Bird share new single ‘Got Lucky’ and chat punk and hip hop.

Rising punk stars Lady Bird premiere new single ‘Got Lucky’ with a video. On new track ‘Got Lucky’ the Kent outfit defeat genre boundaries and explore new influences by explosively blending punk and grime.  Lorenzo Ottone chats to Lady Bird…

by 08 Apr 2019

Interview: We talk to Pip Blom about her debut album and post Brexit touring

Growing up in a Dutch family running a pioneering music blog, Amsterdam-based Pip Blom had a revelatory experience when her mum took her to see Parquet Courts some six years ago. Pip, inspired by the band’s energetic but sophisticated guitar…