Articles by: Natalia Q

by 06 Jun 2023

Review: Legss Blend Terror with Euphoria on New EP ‘Fester’

Legss Blend Terror with Euphoria on New EP ‘Fester’. The eerie tinkling of piano keys is Fester’s opening track, ‘Motto’. Not a discordant convulsion nor stabbing guitar riff, not a frenzied drum beat nor panicked howl, not the slick yet…

by 18 May 2023

Review: Opus Kink deliver a jazzed-up, filth-fuelled Danse Macabre for their second EP, ‘My Eyes, Brother!’

‘My Eyes, Brother!’ is a satisfying continuation of Opus Kink’s niche, one which strengthens their identity both visually and sonically.

by 25 Apr 2023

Listen: Do Nothing Share ‘Amoeba’ and Announce Debut Album ‘Snake Sideways’

Stepping away from the self-imposed pressure to constantly evolve has allowed for a triumphant return.

by 21 Mar 2023

Review: deathcrash’s ‘Less’: On the Outer Hebrides and our Inner Worlds

…a masterpiece balanced on the knife-edge of perfection.

by 09 Mar 2023

Listen: London’s bar italia Sign to Matador and Share New Single ‘Nurse!’

bar italia’s new single ‘Nurse!’ dissolves and distorts the expected to a superbly synthesised four minutes of soothing melodic bass lines and scratchy guitar riffs. 

by 21 Feb 2023

Listen: London’s deathcrash Share New Track ‘Duffy’s’ from Upcoming Album ‘Less’

It isn’t often that words aren’t able to capture the beauty of a piece of music. Stripped back and painfully honest, London slowcore band deathcrash’s new single, ‘Duffy’s’, comes dangerously close…