Articles by: Ross Jones

by 06 Oct 2020

Listen: Blanketman share new single ‘Beach Body’

So all you bloody rapscallions that descended upon Bournemouth beach in your hordes in the height of lockdown, was it worth it? Of course it was, we’re England! If you can’t go to Benidorm and tear it a new one…

by 01 Oct 2020

Listen: Kiwi jr. Announce Signing To Sub Pop and Share New Single ‘Undecided Voters’

WILL YOU SHUT UP, MAN?  THIS IS SO UNPRESIDENTIAL. CLOWN. Following the most disgraceful shit-show of a presidential debate in memorable North American history, it feels pertinent that Canadians Kiwi Jr would decide to embark on their return with a…

by 01 Oct 2020

Listen: deep tan share new single ‘deepfake’

It’s an overstatement, but the internet can be a dark, insidious place. As deep tan explore through their new single ‘deepfake’, the notion of consent is distastefully warped by the perturbed nature of the internet’s vastness, and the deceptive nature…

by 30 Sep 2020

Listen: PVA Announce Debut EP and share new single ‘Talks’

You’ve sat there all day waiting for them to text back. No Reply. “They’re playing games” they say, and as much as you don’t want to believe it, you know you think it too. Relationships seem to be this peculiar…

by 29 Sep 2020

Listen: Goat Girl announce new album and share new single ‘Sad Cowboy’

“Take my hand let me show you around, it’s the same old place, to the streets we’re bound.” Upon their return, Goat Girl have curated their sound and narrative into something definitively wider-reaching in scope – where before their knotty…

by 25 Sep 2020

Listen: Legss announce new EP with new single ‘On Killing a Swan Blues’

Welcome to London. Your indoctrination into society will now begin, please hand in your pamphlets and prepare yourself to join the potent zealousness of our capitalistic complex. Give birth into our oppressive sect. Is this purgatory or reality? With new…

by 14 Sep 2020

Listen: DEADLETTER share new single ‘Fit For Work’

Is it right that to find some sort common empathy between each other in the workplace, we routinely humour ourselves with the thought that if we were to suddenly pass, Spoons would still call you in for a shift on…

by 10 Sep 2020

Listen: Shame return with raucous new single ‘Alphabet’

So they return, wide eyed and shook awake, bathing in a cold sweat and enlightened. This is ‘Alphabet’. Shame’s potent notoriety precedes them, yet you could argue this is the most incisive and coercive exhibition of it yet. This is…

by 10 Sep 2020

Listen: For Those I Love share exceptional debut ‘I Have a Love’

The love never fades. It latches onto you – a life source that emboldens, comforts and empowers. It’s unquestionable, it flows im your veins as if an all encompassing being, burning in the back of your throat with conviction as…