Articles by: Ross Jones

by 09 Sep 2020

Listen: Yore shares wondrous debut single ‘Bon Mot’

As if soundtracking your first night in your own bed in days after a heady weekend – ‘Bon Mot’ cushions your fall while acknowledging the anxieties that fill your mind, eventually allowing you to drift off into the colourful world…

by 04 Sep 2020

Listen: The Cool Greenhouse are about to order you their album through your ‘Alexa!’

Alexa, play Alexa! by The Cool Greenhouse. Alexa, what’s the weather like in London today? Alexa, call mum.¬†Alexa, can you write this song for me? Alexa, you’re a prick. Alexa, find me the six degrees of separation between Robert De…

by 01 Sep 2020

Listen: Muck Spreader welcome you into the seedy reality of ‘Indefinitely Beach’

Welcome to ‘Indefinitely Beach’, with what we can offer, you’ll never want to leave. The heat rises up off your leathered skin as sip on your fifth Aperol Spritz, not a care in the world outside this frivolous tropical retreat,…

by 28 Aug 2020

Interview: The Magic Gang discuss remaining anchored and writing honestly for new album ‘Death of the Party’

The Magic Gang have just released their second album ‘Death of the Party’. The below interview originally featured in Issue Twenty-Four (February 2020) of our print magazine and was an exciting introduction to what was to be their imminent (and…

by 24 Aug 2020

Listen: Confidence Man return on unwavering form with ‘First Class Bitch’

Confidence Man are back – open up the tabs, prepare your credit cards and get ready to feel like fucking royalty once again. If there was going to be an empowering heater to pull us out of the self-depreciating anxiety…

by 19 Aug 2020

Listen: Roscoe Roscoe share bemusing debut single ‘Brain Retrieve’ via Slow Dance

Roscoe Roscoe have gone for the jugular of their influences with ‘Brain Retrieve’, their first single for Slow Dance. The track is unquestionably an unduly nod to the “progressive” sounds of dusty yesteryear – it’s lined with space-age solos and…

by 18 Aug 2020

Listen: Wicketkeeper announce debut album with new single ‘The Side’

Do you ever go about your day, unashamedly self-obsessed in how completely focused on whatever it is you are doing, before being stopped completely in your tracks by suddenly recognising someone out of nowhere? You’re not sure how, you rack…

by 13 Aug 2020

Listen: Baby Vanga escape with their new single ‘Electric Air’

  It’s been a bit of a scorcher hasn’t it? Those sleepless nights can send you into a bit of a hallucinatory state – sort of what it’s like to listen to the new sultry heater from the saucy fellas…

by 12 Aug 2020

Listen: Working Men’s Club evoke the provincial isolation of the ‘Valleys’

‘Valleys’ – the opening track of Working Men’s Club’s forthcoming debut album – is also the centrepiece of the narrative that embeds itself within the liberating electronic pulse of the group’s very being. Informed by Syd Minsky-Sargeant growing up in…