Articles by: Ross Jones

by 11 Aug 2020

Listen: God’s green grass: Idles, ‘Model Village’ and the death of small town ideology.

Being from a rural village in Devon, you get used to the small-town mentality of it all – the local news’ biggest story of the year is covering the flower show and yearly fete, or, if we’re going to really…

by 11 Aug 2020

Listen: TRAAMS return after nearly five years with incendiary new single ‘The Greyhound’

The last time we heard from TRAAMS, they were eight minutes down the garden path in an exploratory direction with ‘A House On Fire’, expanding on their tenacious notions of discordance and temperance with no sign of actively stopping. Then…

by 31 Jul 2020

Review: Fontaines D.C. show striking maturation in ‘A Hero’s Death’

In the world’s broad field of battle, In the bivouac of Life, Be not like dumb, driven cattle! Be a hero in the strife! Henry Wadsworth Longfellow sang across the page of ‘A Psalm of Life’, urging for life to…

by 29 Jul 2020

Listen: PVA share Gum & Ginoli Remix of ‘Divine Intervention’

There’s something in the air – you can taste it, the tangible, impending feeling that something exciting is about to happen. PVA are up to something. Ahead of their “imminent return”, the evocative trio have shared an embossed and entrancing…

by 28 Jul 2020

Listen: Landowner Share New Single ‘Phantom Vibration’

Massachusetts group Landowner craft a very considered and meticulous type of noise. The sort that shouldn’t be as stark in its clarity as it is. Formed by landscape architect Dan Shaw when he moved from Seattle, he’s designed the sort…

by 21 Jul 2020

Watch: Muck Spreader Share New Single ‘Carnal Tongues’ & Announce New EP

‘Carnal Tongues’, the next piece from the inexplicable collective Muck Spreader, is one ominous, anxious acid voyage. Gripping onto the hinges that the scrupulous drums manufacture like piecing together lego blocks in an undulating space – the group lurk over…

by 21 Jul 2020

Watch: Katy J Pearson Announces Debut Album & Shares New Single ‘Fix Me Up’

Having gifted us with three gracious and therapeutic singles, it feels so right that the empowering ‘Fix Me Up’ is here to greet us as Katy J Pearson presents her debut album, ‘Return’. A captivating live favourite since her emergence…

by 17 Jul 2020

Watch: PRIESTGATE share the endearing ‘Now’

‘Now’ – the new single from Yorkshire group PRIESTGATE – is an endearing moment of human admittance. Surrounded in a euphoric openness, while full of exuberance and serene texture, the group shape their evidently considered sound into pop reverie –…

by 16 Jul 2020

Listen: bloody/bath share new single ‘Arp-87’

The ending of a relationship, whether sudden or drawn out, will always in someway have an impact. If it’s the case that it’s happened when you are isolated and alone – which will be the case for many during this…