Articles by: Ross Jones

by 10 Apr 2020

Watch: The Lazy Eyes share new single ‘Tangerine’

While we have to enjoy all the nice Easter weekend from either a back garden, apartment balcony or our one daily-allotted walk, its pretty good timing to sink into something loose and evocative like The Lazy Eyes’ new single Tangerine….

by 08 Apr 2020

Listen: Yard Act unveil their irreverent debut single ‘The Trapper’s Pelts’

It feels almost needless to say that western capitalism has become the laughing stock of the world-wide pandemic in what is a severely unfunny situation. I may sound like a broken record, but how we continue to stand against the…

by 31 Mar 2020

Watch: Blanketman introduce themselves with ‘Taking You With Me’

Do you ever get the feeling that most bands and acts you listen to these days sound a bit monotonously serious? Sure, our political situation as a country hasn’t been great for years, most people have been fucking worse off…

by 27 Mar 2020

Watch: Fruit Tones share ’21st Century Boy’ live from Rainn Byrns’ Living Room Studio

If like us you are into your second week of self isolation and the four walls of your living room are starting to feel a little less inanimate and a bit of a concern, you may take comfort and inspiration…

by 24 Mar 2020

Listen: Squid announce their signing to Warp Records with the isolating ‘Sludge’

It feels slightly¬†superfluous to talk about this sort of thing right now, but Squid signing to Warp Records feels pertinent. The group have consistently bucked the general idea that people have about them – nearly veering off a constant cliff-edge…

by 23 Mar 2020

Listen: Dick Dent shares first single ‘Juliet’

Rising out of self isolation with his first release, the enigmatic and compassionate sounds of Dick Dent smuggle you away into another world – one of deep, yearning colours and lingering vulnerability. Taken from his first EP ‘Life’s Hard’, ‘Juliet’…

by 20 Mar 2020

Listen: Speedy Wunderground introduce The Lounge Society with ‘Generation Game’

Speedy Wunderground are at it again folks.¬†Having spent their last thirty three releases uncovering some of the most anticipated acts in the country, the thirty fourth in the series is another treasure trove of a find – ‘Generation Game’, the…

by 20 Mar 2020

Listen: Endless Digital Birthdays unleash an absolute barrage with ‘V10’

An all encompassing, multi-faceted entity that experiments and explores the vast coves of visualisation, musicianship and the way that seamless bond correlates into art, Endless Digital Birthdays scratch an an all encompassing itch, to the point that your skin is…

by 12 Mar 2020

Watch: The Cool Greenhouse introduce their debut album with ‘The Sticks’

Tom Greenhouse started out as a purveyor of minimal and gritty lo-fi notions that nestled uncomfortably under his unenthused, surrealist depictions of modern mundanity and self-deprecation, looping and turning in on itself in bastardised fashion. Now, with a debut album…