Articles by: Ross Jones

by 16 Jul 2020

Review: Crack Cloud deliver the immersive ‘Pain Olympics’

Crack Cloud have always appeared as a purposeful anomaly. Whether in the aloofness that surrounds the open door nature of the project / collective / cult / state of mind, the further confounding outlets that have spawned from within and…

by 15 Jul 2020

Watch: Ethan P. Flynn shares new single ‘Everybody’s Dying To Meet You’ via Young Turks

‘Everybody’s Dying To Meet You’, Ethan P. Flynn’s first single for Young Turks, is like the musical equivalent of a postcard. Arriving even after you’ve returned home, it conjures an eerie sense of displacement and a moment-capturing meeting between your…

by 15 Jul 2020

Listen: Pet Grotesque shares enigmatic new single ‘Scratch’

With debut album ‘Good Egg’, Lewisham-based provocateur Pet Grotesque engaged us with tender fascinations over starkly minimal DIY pop. When honed in on, the intimacy that filtered around the recording was thick and beguiling – a droll avant-pop explorer that…

by 10 Jul 2020

Listen: Sapphire Blues share isolating new single ‘119’

We’ve all become perhaps too familiar with the very settings we find ourselves in. Isolation ferments like a weed – at times unnoticeable, but once overwhelming its difficult to control. With new single ‘119’, Bristol trio Sapphire Blues show such lacerations…

by 10 Jul 2020

Watch: The Goa Express return with searing new single ‘Be My Friend’

It’s undeniable that we live in a world where not only are we all connected, but we feel the inherent need to be. Through receiving constant admiration from people who desire to be close to us for their own social standing…

by 08 Jul 2020

Listen: Private World unveil their yearning new single ‘Blue Spirit’

With the hypnotic first single from their debut album Aleph – ‘Hypnagogia’ – Private World introduced themselves with an alluring sense of mysticism and undeniable affection. Possessing an otherworldly yet familiar aura, the group teeter across our perception of immediacy…

by 08 Jul 2020

Review: bdrmm’s debut album is a stunning realisation of deliverance

If you are looking for a record that presents itself with such undeniable and emotional force, then look no further than this, the utterly striking debut album from Hull group bdrmm. Formed over years of development and circumstance – ‘Bedroom’…

by 06 Jul 2020

Listen: Home Counties announce debut EP alongside new single ‘Dad Bod’

Since refocusing from being historical subverters into closer to home social commentators – Home Counties have refined their wonky pop into something surreal and notorious, yet vitally present. A clunky and tottering little chonker of a track, ‘Dad Bod’ cements…

by 03 Jul 2020

Listen: CJ Wood shares debut single ‘ Prop Yourself Up’

CJ Wood crafts the sort of intimate music that lingers longingly within the four walls around you, like your own ghost hanging up the memories of your past that you could swear had only just happened. With debut single ‘Prop…