Articles by: Ross Jones

by 08 May 2019

Listen: Nottingham’s Do Nothing release new single ‘Gangs’

A sharp, dry and considered diatribe – Do Nothing conjure up indignant feelings towards life after aspirations die, with unsuspecting and infectious hooks as much at the forefront as their wit-filled turns of verse.

by 06 May 2019

Listen: Oxford’s Lacuna Common release ‘Not The Same’

‘Not The Same’ is a dose of witty cynicism swimming in youthful zealousness and built-up feelings.

by 30 May 2019

Watch: Dutch collective Personal Trainer release ‘The Lazer’ via Holm Front

Personal Trainer, an ever changing group from Amsterdam who have sported members of Canshaker Pi and Pip Blom, are pretty difficult to find. That probably won’t be the case for much longer though, as Sports Team have welcomed them onto…

by 03 May 2019

Review: We had a good time at Test Pressing Festival 2019

Test Pressing Festival is an inter-venue all-dayer with a pleasing twist. Rather than just taking place outside of the day to day hustle and bustle of the capital, the festival embraces it’s surroundings and draws an intriguing experience.  Nestled within…

by 30 Apr 2019

Listen: black midi release ‘Talking Heads’

When black midi were first making waves within the London live scene, the sudden post of an NTS session online would show everyone just why the capital were going wild about this little known band, cementing them as one of…

by 25 Apr 2019

Watch: The Murder Capital release new single ‘Green and Blue’

When this writer sat down with The Murder Capital back in February, it was immediately apparent that a sense of patronage for home permeates in the music of this group from all over the Emerald Isle. ‘Green and Blue’, their…

by 16 Apr 2019

Watch: Dundalk five piece Just Mustard release new single ‘Frank’

Just Mustard are an enigmatic and experimental group from Dundalk, Ireland – who with new single ‘Frank’ explore the conscious and unconscious mind and the foreboding blur between them. As the white noise that pervades the track embodies the piercing…

by 15 Apr 2019

Listen: Cardiff’s Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard release new single ‘Late Night City’

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard possess this vital authenticity that not many acts today can match them on. Their genuine love for what they do comes out in their boisterous and ever theatrical live shows and now also in their recorded output…

by 08 Apr 2019

Listen: Famous release new single ‘Jack’s House’

Famous, unintentionally, are the antithesis of what a “band” are defined to be – yet without the unlikeable precocious image that comes to embody a group that may or may not categorise themselves outside of the traditional box. Unrestricted in…