Articles by: Ross Jones

by 11 Feb 2020

Watch: Drug Store Romeos share the enveloping ‘Frame of Reference’

When a group is in the stage of slowly but surely introducing themselves – and presenting what they stand for – into an increasingly more distracted audience, it becomes more and more difficult to truly cement yourself. Within two singles,…

by 07 Feb 2020

Listen: Loose Fit introduce themselves with ‘Pull The Lever’

If the ominous yet supremely satiating sounds of dead-pan, biting post punk is your bag, then look no further than Loose Fit. With their sharp-witted yet distinctively focused first single ‘Pull The Lever’ the Australian group bring their surrealist perceptions…

by 07 Feb 2020

Watch: Grandmas House tear it up with new single ‘Devil’s Advocate’

  It’s safe to say, Grandmas House are as urgent as they come. Having arrived and quickly cemented themselves in the basements and dive bars (well, one specific dive bar) of Bristol with their uncompromising and provoking live set –…

by 06 Feb 2020

Watch: King Krule embraces the lows on ‘Alone, Omen 3’

King Krule has always had a way with a word, his grunted turn of phrase belying the keen and profound notions that litter his work like a well hidden lucky dip – unearthing a gem after a little hard graft….

by 05 Feb 2020

Watch: Pottery announce debut album with the emphatic ‘Texas Drums Pt I & II’

If there’s one way to announce the release of your first record, doing so with a six-minute, two-part smash of a single with vigorous and enraptured aplomb is probably the way to do it. Having whipped everyone into a frenzy…

by 05 Feb 2020

Listen: Black Midi share final cut of the ‘Schlagenheim’ sessions with ‘Sweater’

No one really knew what to expect with ‘Schlagenheim’. All you could really anticipate was that Black Midi, for all the adoration and anticipation that they received for said record, were going to do whatever the hell they really wanted…

by 05 Feb 2020

Watch: The Magic Gang Return! Here’s ‘Think’

After nestling themselves away for a year, The Magic Gang have finally broken their silence. Returning with much anticipated new single ‘Think’, the track is a joyous yet down-to-earth take – full of their relatable charm and crisp turns of…

by 03 Feb 2020

Watch: Katy J Pearson shares new single ‘Hey You’

Even before the release of ‘Tonight’, her debut single with Heavenly, Katy J Pearson has possessed this unmatchable and immediate ability to transport you to a world, not much unlike ours, that offers such clear-spoken sentiment and sensibility that you…

by 29 Jan 2020

Listen: Honkies are in a baiting mood with new single ‘Buzz Band’

Honkies return once again, relatively quickly after the release of the pungent ‘Slugs’, with an immodest and pretty hilarious jibe at the scene with ‘Buzz Band’. Sure, this is a pretty cynical take, but the band don’t even poetically dress…