Articles by: Ross Jones

by 12 May 2020

Listen: Pottery sweat it out with ‘Hot Heater’

It’s sweltering, the air-con’s broken, the Nevada air sticks like velcro, prickly and fastening. Yet you’re moving like your life depends on it, the physical motion electric to the skin, every pore burning with adrenaline. This is ‘Hot Heater’, the…

by 12 May 2020

Watch: Lazarus Kane unveils the euphoric ‘Night Walking’

Lazarus Kane, our modern day Lizard King of the Night, has returned. If ‘Narcissus’ was the venom-filled, trouser-flared introduction, then ‘Night Walking’ is LK’s definitive proclamation – an ebullient dedication to the night out at a time when secretly that’s…

by 05 May 2020

Watch: Fontaines D.C. return with ‘A Hero’s Death’

It’s pretty difficult to pin down at just what moment everything clicked and made Fontaines D.C. quite clearly the household name they are today. What’s not incomprehensible is the why. ‘Dogrel’ was the poetically-absorbing embodiment of the modern day –…

by 27 Apr 2020

Watch: Katy J Pearson unveils the empowering anthem ‘Take Back The Radio’

What’s been so invigorating about Katy J Pearson’s work so far is her unquestionable ability to write so empathetically from such a personal perspective. Her songs unconsciously capture a knotty feeling of hope and understanding, melancholy and doubt, like a…

by 24 Apr 2020

Watch: Los Bitchos reminisce with their video for the entrancing ‘Frozen Margarita’

With us all stuck inside, it’s hard not to let your mind wander, daydreaming about the summer that could’ve been. If we’d all had it our way, we’ve no doubt you’d be in a field somewhere with your mates, six…

by 20 Apr 2020

Watch: TV Priest unveil their riotous debut single ‘House of York’

Our society is built on nepotism. The very notion that any of the “higher statesmen” that find themselves at the top of the pecking order when it comes to making any of the judicial leadership decisions of the country earned…

by 17 Apr 2020

Listen: Swallow Cave share the winsome ‘Nostalgia’

‘Nostalgia For The Light’ – a 2015 documentary by Chilean director Patricio Guzm├ín – is a stark and affecting motion picture, one that documents the horrendous atrocities of it’s political state in a time of unquestionable potential for good for…

by 10 Apr 2020

Listen: Public Body reveal new single ‘Naughty On My Bike’

The bicycle. Resourceful, mindful, economic. Public Body certainly think so, ‘Naughty On My Bike’ an audible tribute to the workman’s form of transport. What Public Body do so great is seamlessly amalgamate the laconic and the comprehensive – their short…

by 10 Apr 2020

Watch: The Lazy Eyes share new single ‘Tangerine’

While we have to enjoy all the nice Easter weekend from either a back garden, apartment balcony or our one daily-allotted walk, its pretty good timing to sink into something loose and evocative like The Lazy Eyes’ new single Tangerine….