Articles by: Ross Jones

by 01 Jul 2020

Watch: The Pleasure Dome share the tearing ‘This Room Is For Gold And There Is No Use For It’

In the current state of things, having something to grasp onto with dear hope that it will change the deep overwhelming position we find ourselves in is about as likely as winning the lottery twice, or being struck by lightning…

by 30 Jun 2020

Listen: Fontaines D.C. share new single ‘Televised Mind’

A deep, searing urge seeks to flee from within the cracked indentations of permanence. A burning inclination not for acceptance, but for learning –  to at least be questioned for your perception and your desires, rather than having your sense…

by 18 Jun 2020

Watch: Tiña announce debut album and share new single ‘Rosalina’ via Speedy Wunderground

In the video for ‘Rosalina’ – the new single from London group Tiña – chief songwriter Joshua Loftin holes up in the darkness that isolation breeds, cradling the strap holding up his recently broken collarbone, shorn of his long blonde…

by 17 Jun 2020

Listen: deathcrash share cinematic new single ‘People Thought My Windows Were Stars’

A scintillating arrival – deathcrash share their first piece for Untitled (recs) in the form of the suspenseful and euphoric ‘People thought my windows were stars’. Fifteen minutes that seamlessly ebb and flow like high and low tide viewed at…

by 16 Jun 2020

Watch: Idles Announce New Album ‘Ultra Mono’ alongside new single ‘Grounds’

Well then, here we go. Amongst great anticipation, Idles have announced their third album, ‘Ultra Mono’. With their all unifying second album ‘Joy As An Act of Resistance’, the group not only stamped their identity into the mainstream consciousness, they…

by 16 Jun 2020

Watch: Folly Group return with new single ‘Fewer Closer Friends’

When Folly Group arrived with their debut single ‘Butt No Rifle’, it felt like they had been hiding from us all this time and suddenly decided now was the best time to shock us, fully formed. But as new single…

by 11 Jun 2020

Review: Deep Down Happy: Sports Team and the art of winding you up

Sports Team have always had a way of rubbing you up the wrong way haven’t they? Stood there outside their London flat looking like the cast of an out of touch reboot of Grange Hill, giving Matty Healy and the…

by 10 Jun 2020

Listen: Drug Store Romeos share new single ‘Quotations for Locations’

Drug Store Romeos have quickly cemented themselves as an pleasingly enigmatic anomaly in the context of pop. Their music floats amicably between the abstract and infectiously concrete – crafting the cinematic, tangible image of bobbing along a shoreline filled with…

by 09 Jun 2020

Listen: Working Men Club’s share Minsky Rock ‘MEGAMIX’

This solid twenty-minute mix from Working Men’s Club not only acts as a delectable teaser of their highly anticipated debut record, but it shows off the already developing tastes of it’s creator. Syd Minsky-Sargeant teams up with the album’s producer…