Articles by: Ross Jones

by 30 Nov 2018

Review: Bristol’s Scalping launch Council Records at The 100 Club

Little has to be said about the rich history of such an esteemed venue as The 100 Club. The venue has sat in the middle of London unbeknownst to those not in the know for decades now, but is a…

by 16 May 2019

Listen: Treeboy & Arc release ‘Concept’ via Speedy Wunderground

Speedy Wunderground are the curators of an increasingly exciting series of singles, presenting the most creatively exciting acts the opportunity to lay down some of their work in a frenetic and organic time-frame. Their next guests are Treeboy & Arc,…

by 16 May 2019

Review: The Great Escape 2019

There’s not many festivals that offer such a high intensity schedule and unique opportunities to see your favourite acts quite like The Great Escape. Kudos to the people that run it, between all the conference running and industry hand shaking…

by 14 May 2019

Listen: Speedboat release lounge pop single ‘Surf the Whip’

Speedboat are a couple of mullet-sporting brothers who, after playing their first set at The Great Escape this weekend, have shared their first track in the sultry and confident ‘Surf The Whip’. It’s a yearning and lustful bout of lounge…

by 08 May 2019

Listen: Sleep Eaters release ‘Don’t Sell Your Soul’ and announce Windmill, Brixton show

With the announcement of their signing to PNKSLM and before heading out on a UK tour with Drahla, Sleep Eaters have unveiled the first taste of their new EP in the glaring and perceptive ‘Don’t Sell Your Soul’.

by 08 May 2019

Listen: Nottingham’s Do Nothing release new single ‘Gangs’

A sharp, dry and considered diatribe – Do Nothing conjure up indignant feelings towards life after aspirations die, with unsuspecting and infectious hooks as much at the forefront as their wit-filled turns of verse.

by 06 May 2019

Listen: Oxford’s Lacuna Common release ‘Not The Same’

‘Not The Same’ is a dose of witty cynicism swimming in youthful zealousness and built-up feelings.

by 30 May 2019

Watch: Dutch collective Personal Trainer release ‘The Lazer’ via Holm Front

Personal Trainer, an ever changing group from Amsterdam who have sported members of Canshaker Pi and Pip Blom, are pretty difficult to find. That probably won’t be the case for much longer though, as Sports Team have welcomed them onto…

by 03 May 2019

Review: We had a good time at Test Pressing Festival 2019

Test Pressing Festival is an inter-venue all-dayer with a pleasing twist. Rather than just taking place outside of the day to day hustle and bustle of the capital, the festival embraces it’s surroundings and draws an intriguing experience.  Nestled within…