Articles by: Sachin Turakhia

by 25 Jan 2024

Listen: Birmingham’s GANS Share New Track ‘Harry’s Tune’

A self-described love song about suicide written over a driving drum beat and thunderous riff.

by 13 Nov 2023

Listen: Zac Lawrence Shares ‘Man Overboard’ from Upcoming Album ‘The Hate’

“If DEADLETTER is me howling at the moon in a far away valley, then this is me making small talk with a lamp in my bedroom.”

by 31 Oct 2023

Listen: Folly Group Share New Single ‘I’ll Do What I Can’ from Upcoming Debut ‘Down There!’

Their new single, ‘I’ll Do What I Can’, might be the punchiest they’ve ever produced.

by 11 Oct 2023

Listen: London’s Man/Woman/Chainsaw Share New Single ‘What Lucy Found There’

With boundless potential, Man/Woman/Chainsaw have been the London band to watch for a while now.

by 15 Sep 2023

Listen: London’s test plan Share Debut Single ‘So Bored at Your Squat Rave’

It’s time to take a step outside, deal with the daylight on your exhausted eyes and start a new day.

by 29 Aug 2023

Listen: Brooklyn’s OMAT Share New Single’s ‘Pollen/Knot’ via Fire Talk’s Open Tab

These singles are the sound of an excellent live band evolving into a stunning band on record.

by 15 Aug 2023

Listen: London’s Hotel Lux Quickly Follow Up Debut Album with Lost Live Favourite ‘Vice’

The now standalone single feels like a marker of the broad maturity and confidence they’ve developed.

by 13 Jul 2023

Listen: Yard Act Return with New Single ‘The Trench Coat Museum’

As they tried to settle into their own skin as a band in front of these oven-ready crowds, the constant was James Smith’s trenchcoat.

by 19 May 2023

Listen: Bo Gritz Share Single ‘RUT’ from Upcoming Debut Album ‘Chroma’

As the juggernaut that is Bo Gritz version 2.0 hurtles ever faster towards the release of their debut album (entitled ‘Chroma’ and due on June 9th), the band have unleashed the final teaser in the form of album opener ‘RUT’….