Articles by: Sachin Turakhia

by 04 Jun 2024

Listen: Nottingham’s Divorce Share New Single ‘My Room’

‘My Room’ is yet another diamond in Divorce’s increasingly impressive body of work.

by 25 Jan 2024

Listen: Birmingham’s GANS Share New Track ‘Harry’s Tune’

A self-described love song about suicide written over a driving drum beat and thunderous riff.

by 13 Nov 2023

Listen: Zac Lawrence Shares ‘Man Overboard’ from Upcoming Album ‘The Hate’

“If DEADLETTER is me howling at the moon in a far away valley, then this is me making small talk with a lamp in my bedroom.”

by 31 Oct 2023

Listen: Folly Group Share New Single ‘I’ll Do What I Can’ from Upcoming Debut ‘Down There!’

Their new single, ‘I’ll Do What I Can’, might be the punchiest they’ve ever produced.

by 11 Oct 2023

Listen: London’s Man/Woman/Chainsaw Share New Single ‘What Lucy Found There’

With boundless potential, Man/Woman/Chainsaw have been the London band to watch for a while now.

by 15 Sep 2023

Listen: London’s test plan Share Debut Single ‘So Bored at Your Squat Rave’

It’s time to take a step outside, deal with the daylight on your exhausted eyes and start a new day.

by 29 Aug 2023

Listen: Brooklyn’s OMAT Share New Single’s ‘Pollen/Knot’ via Fire Talk’s Open Tab

These singles are the sound of an excellent live band evolving into a stunning band on record.

by 15 Aug 2023

Listen: London’s Hotel Lux Quickly Follow Up Debut Album with Lost Live Favourite ‘Vice’

The now standalone single feels like a marker of the broad maturity and confidence they’ve developed.

by 13 Jul 2023

Listen: Yard Act Return with New Single ‘The Trench Coat Museum’

As they tried to settle into their own skin as a band in front of these oven-ready crowds, the constant was James Smith’s trenchcoat.