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by 26 Jan 2024

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by 12 Dec 2023

Listen: Tracks of the Year 2023

As picked by our community of writers, here are our tracks of the year 2023.

by 07 Dec 2023

In Print: Issue Forty-Seven

Featuring English Teacher, Folly Group, Girl and Girl, Lip Critic, Flip Top Head, Bill Ryder-Jones, Omni, rabbit, Richie Culver, Women in Revolt!, Tapir! and more.

by 06 Dec 2023

In Photos: Frank Black Friday: Big Kim Deals – London Bands Unite to Celebrate Anniversaries from The Breeders and Pixies

Featuring members from Shame, Goat Girl, Deadletter, LICE, Folly Group, Katie J Pearson, HMLTD and so many more

by 12 Oct 2023

In Print: Issue Forty-Six

Featuring Geese, Sheer Mag, A. Savage, UNIVERSITY, Borough Council, Oscar Browne, HONESTY, Malice K, YHWH Nailgun, Man/Woman/Chainsaw, Hotline TNT and Rosie Evans.

by 16 Aug 2023

In Print: Issue Forty-Five

Featuring Fat Dog, Slowdive, Picture Parlour, Ethan P. Flynn, The New Eves, Militarie Gun and more.

by 19 Jul 2023

Preview: An Artist Guide to Truck Festival from The Vaccines, English Teacher, Swim Deep & more.

The paths of Hill Farm are well trodden by us at So Young, watching our favourite new bands grace the stages of Truck Festival has become somewhat of a pastime. In a bid to prove its not just us that…

by 15 Jun 2023

Sleeves: Wombo Share Their Favourite Record Sleeves

Louisville’s Wombo talk us through the artwork for new EP ‘Slab’ and pick five of their favourite record sleeves.

by 14 Jun 2023

Watch: So Young x State51 Factory Takeover – Part Five: Mary in the Junkyard

So Young x State51 Factory Takeover – Part Five: Mary in the Junkyard It’s been a pleasure inviting five of our favourite new bands to join us at State51‘s East London Factory and the fifth and final in this series…