Articles by: Will Macnab

by 31 May 2023

Listen: London’s Body Horror Share New Single ‘Bedwetter’ via Permanent Creeps

It’s an afterparty pleasure fest where leather and flesh become one.

by 04 May 2023

Listen: Modern Woman Return with New Single ‘Achtung’

‘Achtung!’ is a warning, a call to attention, brace yourself for the industrial horror that lies ahead.

by 17 Apr 2023

Listen: South London’s Bollards Return with New Single ‘No Room’

Bollards have shed their skittish disco art-rock guise and deftly exposed their vulnerabilities.

by 11 Apr 2023

Listen: Enola Gay Return with New Single ‘PTS.DUP’ via Modern Sky

A merciless onslaught of searing guitars and unwavering vocals.

by 28 Mar 2023

Listen: Manchester’s Nightbus Share New Single ‘Mirrors’

Each listen to the Manchester three-piece reveals a new layer to their dark and captivating sound.

by 02 Feb 2023

Listen: Opus Kink Share New Single ‘Dust’ and Announce New EP ‘My Eyes, Brother!’

Opus Kink, Brighton’s cowbell enthusiasts, usher you through the back alleys and into their smoky speakeasy.

by 12 Jan 2023

Listen: NYC’s Slow Fiction Share New Single ‘In the distance, where it doesn’t matter’

Bright-eyed early noughties guitars are behind the wheel on this one.

by 25 Nov 2022

Listen: Teleforme Share Latest Single ‘Hold Your Head’

Slowly cascading into the depths of the night, a brooding blanket of misty, gothic, new-wave, lays itself bare upon Southend as Teleforme emerge with their latest single. As agonising as it is beautiful, ‘Hold Your Head’ sees a white-knuckled Teleforme desperately…

by 15 Sep 2022

Listen: Italia 90 Share New Single ‘Leisure Activities’

So, the cost of living continues to rise. If you’re feeling the bite at the moment, then forget Martin Lewis; here are some real tips to get you through. Perhaps you should cancel your Netflix subscription, lay-off the avocado and…