Articles by: Will Macnab

by 14 Sep 2023

Listen: Sarah Meth Shares Title Track from Upcoming EP ‘STEPS’

‘Steps’ is only one minute and fifty-five seconds, but within that, it’s enough to bring you to your knees.

by 21 Aug 2023

Listen: Glasgow’s Nü Cros Share New Single ‘ILL’

With a noise-driven force that offers to kick your teeth in, Nü Cros are set to be something quite extraordinary.

by 28 Jul 2023

Listen: Ontario’s Olinda Share New Single ‘Dreams in Transit’

Written to “capture the feeling of gazing out of a car window in motion”, ‘Dreams in Transit’ accomplishes just that.

by 31 May 2023

Listen: London’s Body Horror Share New Single ‘Bedwetter’ via Permanent Creeps

It’s an afterparty pleasure fest where leather and flesh become one.

by 04 May 2023

Listen: Modern Woman Return with New Single ‘Achtung’

‘Achtung!’ is a warning, a call to attention, brace yourself for the industrial horror that lies ahead.

by 17 Apr 2023

Listen: South London’s Bollards Return with New Single ‘No Room’

Bollards have shed their skittish disco art-rock guise and deftly exposed their vulnerabilities.

by 11 Apr 2023

Listen: Enola Gay Return with New Single ‘PTS.DUP’ via Modern Sky

A merciless onslaught of searing guitars and unwavering vocals.

by 28 Mar 2023

Listen: Manchester’s Nightbus Share New Single ‘Mirrors’

Each listen to the Manchester three-piece reveals a new layer to their dark and captivating sound.

by 02 Feb 2023

Listen: Opus Kink Share New Single ‘Dust’ and Announce New EP ‘My Eyes, Brother!’

Opus Kink, Brighton’s cowbell enthusiasts, usher you through the back alleys and into their smoky speakeasy.