Articles by: Will Macnab

by 25 Nov 2022

Listen: Teleforme Share Latest Single ‘Hold Your Head’

Slowly cascading into the depths of the night, a brooding blanket of misty, gothic, new-wave, lays itself bare upon Southend as Teleforme emerge with their latest single. As agonising as it is beautiful, ‘Hold Your Head’ sees a white-knuckled Teleforme desperately…

by 15 Sep 2022

Listen: Italia 90 Share New Single ‘Leisure Activities’

So, the cost of living continues to rise. If you’re feeling the bite at the moment, then forget Martin Lewis; here are some real tips to get you through. Perhaps you should cancel your Netflix subscription, lay-off the avocado and…

by 22 Aug 2022

Listen: Drahla Return With New Single ‘Under The Glass’

It has been a gruelling two years since anyone has heard from the jazz-decorating, cryptic art-punks Drahla. Having been sorely missed, today they return with a schedule of new shows and their delightfully amorphous new single: ‘Under The Glass’. Fog-horned…

by 15 Aug 2022

Listen: Dog Race Share Their Debut Single ‘Terror’

Bedford newcomers Dog Race, transmute the fear-inducing experiences of parasomnia into the playful hypnotic earworm that is their debut single, ‘Terror’. In essence, ‘Terror’ captures tormenting, sheet-soaking episodes; body-thrashing dreams, and dishevelled mornings caused by a haunting series of anxiety-ridden…

by 21 Jul 2022

Listen: Piglet Shares Rallying New Single ‘It Isnt Fair’

Refusing to sit idle as members of the trans community are ostracised. Suffocating from the structural obstacles raised by the British government and its health care system, Piglet’s newest single: ‘It Isnt Fair’, is a rallying cry to those around him. The…

by 14 Jul 2022

Listen: Been Stellar Share Their Rupturing New Single ‘Manhattan Youth’

New York City: home to the dreamer, offering the beauties and mysteries of the world, all densely compacted into the tight confines of one city. So, is it everything that it’s made out to be? New York five-piece, Been Stellar,…

by 08 Jul 2022

Listen: Mystic Peach Return with ‘Ursodfrnt’

Layered with a barrage of blistering rhythms that make your insides curdle.

by 08 Jul 2022

Listen: Manchester’s Maruja Share Hypnotic Single ‘The Tinker’

Wistful saxophone phrases are placed front and centre in the band’s most immersive track yet.

by 17 Jun 2022

Listen: London’s Pigeonhole Share Single ‘Black Cat, White Cat’

Pigeonhole are a band that is finally ready to wreak havoc upon anyone listening.