Listen: Baby Vanga escape with their new single ‘Electric Air’


It’s been a bit of a scorcher hasn’t it? Those sleepless nights can send you into a bit of a hallucinatory state – sort of what it’s like to listen to the new sultry heater from the saucy fellas in Baby Vanga.

‘Electric Air’ sounds like the soundtrack to some sort of modern day reboot of Carry On Abroad  – thankfully a bit more tasteful but still full of that quaint British exaggeration and penchant for traditional eastern rhythms that’s full of sultry amorousness. It’s lackadaisical, humorous quirks and tendency to evoke the more flirtatious notions of their sound belies a pleasing dextrousness – sure it’s playful, but there’s a real sense of union in their playing here, a harmonious commanding of textures that hint at something more substantial the further you delve.

It’s within this balance of mood the true narrative lies – the joviality of it all insisting that it’s important to remember to enjoy yourself in whatever you do first and foremost, before letting aspirations force you down a restless road. It’s breezy immediacy may be their calling card, but the way they profess their contemplations through the more considered notions of their sound is where the true treasure lies.