Listen: Baltimore’s Tomato Flower Share ‘Saint’ and Announce Debut Album ‘No’ via Ramp Local

Baltimore’s Tomato Flower share uneasy new cut ‘Saint’ and announce debut album ‘No’ via Ramp Local.

Collapsing between Stereolab-esque avant-pop flutters, and shambling art-rock chaos, the latest cut from Tomato Flower has the sand constantly shifting beneath its feet. Like a two-faced mythological creature flitting erratically from flowery, psychedelic optimism to dimension-shattering despair, ‘Saint’ rises and falls with the kind of surrealist logic only matched by uncanny dreaming, sounding like Wombo channelling a Dunedin groove.

At its source, Tomato Flower’s sense of unease rises from the tumult of heartbreak, and specifically here – with its flurry of broken-up lyrics –  the pains of failed articulation in the wild heat of romantic resentment. And with ABBA/Fleetwood Mac levels of soap opera, the inspiration comes from the breakup of two band members Jamison Murphy and Austyn Wohlers, who ended their romance during its creation. And with the release of their debut album ‘No’ on 8th March, the full drama is to come,  unspooled in all its abstracted beauty.

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