Listen: Bambara Announce New Album and Return With New Single ‘Serafina’

Bambara released one of the most underrated records of last year in ‘Shadow On Everything’.

A bruising and rebellious record that devoured states of melancholy with sheer unadulterated intensity, it’s assured demeanour and devilish taste for nihilism reigned subtlety under the heaviness of their rhythm section. Now they are making their return – new album ‘Stray’ will be released unceremoniously on Valentine’s Day next year – and new single ‘Serafina’ is a bold and nail-biting re-introduction.

‘Serafina’ is dark and engrossing, buoyed by its ramshackle intensity and Reid Bateh’s brooding nature – caustic and biting. There’s a brash immediacy, its thematic disregard for death embodied by Bateh’s gothic charm – as if giving death itself a snarling grin and a cheeky wink. Yet it’s a serious and pertinent listen – Bateh evokes the anxiety of a modern horror through the eyes-wide Sadie and her dangerous, intoxicated love of Serafina, an unshakable thirst that you would sacrifice yourself for.

BAMBARA Tour Dates

10/19/2019 – Simple Things Fest – Bristol, UK
10/20/2019 – SWN Fest – Cardiff, UK
10/22/2019 – Soup Kitchen – Manchester, UK
10/23/2019 – Hyde Park Book Club – Leeds, UK
10/25/2019 – Record Junkie – Sheffield, UK
10/26/2019 – The Poetry Club – Glasgow, UK
10/28/2019 – Green Door Store – Brighton, UK
10/29/2019 – Sebright Arms – London, UK

Header Photo by Kevin Condon