Watch: Bananagun take a kaleidoscopic safari with ‘People Talk Too Much’

Melbourne’s Bananagun are a wild bunch. A pack who want things “to be vibrant, colourful and have depth like the jungle. Like an ode to nature”, they dance circles around what it means to be a band of hybrids.

‘People Talk Too Much’ is a kaleidoscopic safari for the third eye. A chant to mother earth and Afrodesiac, if ‘the air was full of all the night noises that, taken together, make one big silence’, this would be the Orion’s Belt. Keeping everything held together under one enchanting spell like a necklace made of pasta shells – hand painted with splodges of pinky-yellow daisies then lovingly beaded together on loops of fine whir – this single is a worth far more than its weight in gold.

Bananagun have an attention for detail, ensuring the difference between something being feel good and f-eeeeeeee-l good. You may not notice it straight away but rest assured, it’s there. The latter experience tends to begin life as a wiggle, a small groove in the softest depths of your belly. Taking a rite of passage right on up through your soul – running a quick loop of the heart before making it’s ambitious journey up on out – it bursts with psychedelic delight through the gaping smile of its creator and into the world with sparkling impact.

A rhythmic masterclass paying homage to the inspired high-life, ‘People Talk Too Much’ is genuinely more than just a sunshine-fuelled trip. This is spontaneity and the whirring connectivity of a jungle post-storm, mid-rainbow in the refreshing heat of tropicalia. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously, “it’s just a banana, not a gun”.

Header Photo by Jamie Wdziekonski


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