Listen: bdrmm band together for new single ‘Happy’

Happy, the first single off of bdrmm’s forthcoming debut album is exactly what we need right now. Even though it’s hard to currently see forward, the track is nostalgically daydreaming to help you out of the darkness and into a much more aerial space of mind.

Mindfully trickling like the bluey-green marble swoon of a lo-fi desktop wallpaper, bdrmm glisten and swirl sheer serotonin to un-cornered peaks of near-reachable skyscape. One could very easily loop this on repeat and just simply get on with breathing.  In fact, it would almost be recommended to never turn this off, for its in-grained levels of drive will surely encourage some greater subconscious. 

Happy is the kind of track you would want to listen to whilst sat on the grassy banks of Ally Pally during midsummer sunset. As the metropolis sprawl slowly starts to fade into shepherd’s delighted skies, the healthy moon rises all before your bliss-sparkled eyes and you realise that genuinely, everything is gonna be okay again.  

In uncertain times, all we can do is band together to stay Happy.