Listen: Bedford’s Dog Race share new single ‘There’s A Mouse In My House’

Bedford’s Dog Race share new single ‘There’s A Mouse In My House’.

‘There’s A Mouse In My House’, a familiar acquaintance of students nowadays, yet Dog Race takes this shock horror a step further as they capture the feeling of being stalked and lurked upon within your own comforts.

A motif of unease travels throughout the track, “h(a)unting” and piercing at you with cyclical sound patterns and shivering lyrics, causing you to think deeper as to what you let into your own home. The song begs whether the angling creature is a harmless mouse or the paranoid feeling of being trapped in one’s mind.

Lead vocalist Katie Healy adds, ” ‘There’s A Mouse In My House’ is about a period in my life fuelled by intense paranoia due to my quick, often not thought-out, decision-making and the unknown of whether it will help or hinder my future.” 

The Bedford-based alternative band boasts emotive and Bauhaus-style synths and drums, slowly building tension as the tune goes on, with lyrics that perform a call out or question to the listener. An almost mocking-like backup vocal continuously shouts “Oh what a lovely home”, as if they are some kind of unwanted visitor who has overstayed their welcome and is trying to compensate with a shower of compliments.

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Photo by Eugenia Barrios Osborne

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