Listen: Been Stellar Share ‘Sweet’ from Upcoming Debut Album ‘Scream From New York, NY’

Teasing the release of their debut album, Been Stellar have released track ‘Sweet’ – a pensive, genre-mixed single with elements of shoegaze.

The track describes feelings of a relationship gone stale, alongside the intimate shared history with that partner – the lyrics are sung with a sense of desperation and longing, a refusal to give up on this partnership. ‘Sweet’ also captures the sound of New York, assured yet bittersweet and lonely, aptly linking to the lyrics.

On the lyrics, vocalist Sam Slocum adds “I really tried to let the music inform the lyrics, and to not overthink what was coming from the song’s natural feeling. One of the first lines that came to me was “we’re speaking when we don’t know what to say.” I think in close relationships, the most pure moments shouldn’t need to be spoken about. And in life in general, the things that matter the most and bring people together shouldn’t warrant many words, if any. Words complicate feeling sometimes.”

Instrumentally, the song is strong with looped guitars interweaving with melodies that capture a sound reminiscent of early noughties indie that adds to the dejected feeling of the track. Concluding the single with the rhetorical “could I be here without you?” asserts the heartfelt revelation of reunion within the relationship. 

Been Stellar’s upcoming debut, ‘Scream from New York, NY’ is an anticipated release for the alluring band, that promises thoughtful reflections told by riveting sonic textures and gritty guitars. 

Photo by Gabe Long

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