Listen: Belfast Trio Makeshift Art Bar Share Debut Single ‘Inertia’

Belfast Trio Makeshift Art Bar Share Debut Single ‘Inertia’.

Unlawfully wedding the gothic slow burn of ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ with the noisome disruption of Belfast contemporaries Enola Gay, a song about being stuck in sleep paralysis fittingly pivots around an unmoved 3 note bass loop rumble. Each plectrum pluck shivers the ribcage and mangles the guts like a queue of ghosts drifting through your body, beat by tremulous beat.

And after almost three minutes of unbearable suspense, the pot boils over, the howls ring louder, until the whole thing explodes into a cathartic hell-fuck of passionate, and almost horrible, fuzzed-out phantasmagoria. This ‘inertia’ has a breaking point it seems.

With a busy schedule for the rest of the year –  Ulster supports for Deadletter included – Makeshift Art Bar prove once again that when it comes noisy, dissident and unhinging rock, it’s from across the Irish sea where its most tantalising exponents yet still emerge. 

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